5 Delicious Recipes Including Bacon | Ohio Bacon Fest


In honor of Prime Social Group and MikeGallichioNow’s upcoming Ohio Bacon Fest, below you will find 5 delicious recipes all incorporating America’s favorite breakfast meat: bacon. Have any recipes of your own to share? Tweet to us @ohiobaconfest!

Baked potatoes stuffed with bacon, anchovies + sage

bacon recipe
Not a fan of anchovies? No problem. Mastermind behind this recipe, Jamie Oliver, swears that you won’t taste them. It takes about an hour for the potatoes to turn golden brown but the recipe is simple and you can find it here.

Crispy potato roast

crispy potato roast recipe
If you’re planning on having family or friends over anytime soon then this recipe from Joyously Domestic will leave your guests full and satisfied! The key to this dish is patience, says recipe creator, Angela, especially since you have to cut the potatoes into incredibly thin slices to get the recipe perfect. Check it out here.

Baked Egg Bacon Boat

There are lots of different ways to carry out this recipe but our favorite is to call it a boat. This recipe can be completed rather quickly (in approximately 20-30 minutes) and will surely be a great breakfast meal! Find it here.

Barbecue Onion Meatball Bombs

From the title of this you’re probably like, “Um, what?” But we promise this recipe is one you’ll want to hang on your refrigerator! The recipe comes from Hugs & Cookies and only calls for a rockcrok or deep oven safe dish! Happy cooking :)

Bacon, Egg and Bacon Brunch Ring

bacon recipe
Love brunch? So do we! Coming straight from Pillsbury, this recipe is sure to give your taste buds a treat. Filled with fresh scrambled eggs, cheese and peppers, this filling is topped with the Pillsbury crescent dinner rolls! The recipe is so easy too and only takes about 10 minutes to bake!

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