A Post-Holiday Feels Playlist

Christmas Fireplace

No Michael Buble here. Christmastime, if your family is as lovingly dysfunctional as mine, can be chaotic. After all that turducken stubbornly exits your system and your judgmental Aunt Judy has taken her soapbox back to Scottsdale, you will most likely suffer from what is called the “post-holiday blues”. Presents have been torn into, diets have been destroyed, and the Christmas tree has already been trashed to make room for the next big holiday decoration (kandi-coated EDC tree anybody?!)…you totally have the feels. What better way to combat a case of the feels than with a chill mode playlist sans Mannheim Steamroller?

“Memory Taffata” Palmistry
A great “Sunday drive with bae” song on its own, this electro pop single from Palmistry has quickly become one of my favorites. Its even-keeled sound and soulful vocals will keep you off-the-ledge as you drive from store to store returning all the ill-fitting, pity purchases all four of your cousins gifted.

“Fantasy” Alina Baraz & Galimatias
For your inevitable break-up with aforementioned bae who, let’s be honest, you only kept around to avoid being single at all those holiday parties. “Fantasy” emits trance-like euphoria which merges smoothly into the sensual abyss of instrumentals. Put on this dreamy track from the duo’s “Urban Flora” album and fantasize about the good times.

“High You Are (Branchez Remix)” What So Not
This would be infinitely better off played in the head of a child running down the stairs to see Santa’s presents underneath the tree Christmas morning; however, my adult alternative will suffice. This is a great final goodbye song to family as you head back to your homeland, feeling refreshed and renewed after ending your week-long Christmas cookie and eggnog binge. Get that New Years’ Eve ball dropping body in shape, drink your green juice, and even ease up on the cursing this week…you’re back and about to be better than ever.

“Until The End” Tipsy Tortoise w/ Alex Brandt ft. GuitK
This bluesy, saxophone serenading track conjures images of a setting sun on a California coast. Totally unrelated to Christmas, but that’s the point. It plays like a love child of Kenny G and Lost Frequencies and can be best enjoyed pre-Netflix and chill underneath a warm, billowing blanket. Bonus points to be situated next to a fireplace. The blend of deep house and throwback tropical house makes this collaboration a total win.

“Gold” Kiiara
It’s inevitable you’ll finally come out of your self-diagnosed depression sooner than later…that’s what we do. When this happens, you’re going to want to put this on. Produced by glitchy pop gem, Felix Snow, “Gold” exudes confidence in a cool, “I could care less” way. It’s the perfect song for vibing with friends, getting ready to pop bottles on NYE in some fancy hotel none of you can quite afford.

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