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Active Child – Rapor EP (Ft. Mikky Ekko & Ellie Goulding)

Active Child - Rapor EP

Active Child’s Rapor EP, out now on Sun Rooms Recordings, is not the type of music you come across every day. It takes months, maybe even years to produce music this superior sounding and now that it is here, I think it will definitely make an impression.

While you may never have heard of Active Child before discovering ‘Rapor EP’, you’re inclined to check them out even if it’s just to hear Mikky Ekko & Ellie Goulding. They are the highlights of this 6-song album, but for the project as a whole Active Child’s Rapor EP has the potential to really blow you away. It sounds mostly like alternative music but its soulful, brooding, and at times, energetic, however these qualities make it tasteful and more importantly, balanced. For instance, “Calling In The Name of Love” features epic M-83 sounding production beneath dreamy vibes and passionate vocals, while “Silhouette” is very euphoric but the lyrics are deep and it has a much slower tempo. All in all, If you’re looking for something that’s chill and original then Active Child’s ‘Rapor EP’ is something you should definitely check out. Take a listen to the FREE stream of the Rapor EP via soundcloud below and purchase the title off iTunes on October 20th.

iTunes: Active Child – Rapor EP



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