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The Jordan Belforts of College Rap: Wes Walker and Dyl


Wes Walker is a 20 year old kid from Temple University in Philadelphia with a talent for rapping, production and entrepreneurship. First recognized nationally for his hit single “Jordan Belfort” with producer Dyl, these two are entertainers of all kinds. “Jordan Belfort”, inspired by The Wolf of Wall Street, now has over 14 million plays on SoundCloud and over 17 million plays on Spotify.

Wes started DJing in the only the 7th grade, and learning to produce original tracks on Reason and Ableton Live. His confidence and unique styles easily radiate through his music making him an artist to look out for. He is managed by Kevin Liles of KWL management, is signed to Atlantic records, and personally associates himself with College Weekly, an expression platform that’s all over YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For more information, check out Wes Walkers homepage and Dyl’s homepage

See Wes Walker and Dyl tonight in Columbus, and tomorrow in Urbana.

Get your tickets for both shows here.

Wes Walker

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Introducing Ohio State Raised #FEST Artist: Cal Scruby


Ohio has a track record of producing great entertainers, from Katt Williams in comedy to Halle Berry on the big screen. Ohio doesn’t fall short when it comes to introducing new rappers to hip-hop either. Kid Cudi, King Chip (formerly Chip tha Ripper), Machine Gun Kelly and now Cal Scruby.

Cal Scruby is a 25-year-old producer and rapper from Cincinnati, OH who found his talent for rapping in early 2011. His first release, “Best Foot Forward”, was a track recorded and put out by Cal himself, using only Ohio State’s library as a makeshift ‘studio’. It now has over 87,000 plays on YouTube.

Soon after the release of “Best Foot Forward”, Cal began working on another project in September of 2012. The project was “Boy Genius”, with the help of Alexander Dreamer, a 22-year-old producer from Columbus, OH. The project’s first single “SCRUBBY” was featured on BBC Radio1 by Zane Lowe, drawing more attention to Cal and his music. The final project was released in October of 2013, featuring production from not only Alexander Dreamer, but also another Cincinnati native, Mac Niff. The project had a lot of variety and originality to it, and was praised for its cohesiveness. Making these achievements even more impressive is remembering that Cal was still a college student during these projects, doing all of his work alongside his coursework at The Ohio State University.

Finally in August 2014, Cal graduated from OSU and signed to Riveting Entertainment. He moved to Los Angeles to work on his first album House In The Hills which was released in September of 2015. It goes to show even if you manage to get signed by a big time record label and make it from Cincinnati to Los Angeles, things have a way of coming full circle as Cal finds himself performing 3 hours outside of his hometown for #FEST.

One of his best tracks is the Chris Brown supported “Ain’t Shit Change”. Inspiration for the track popped up as a recording session was winding down at 2 a.m. “The engineer and I played one last beat and came up with the hook,” recalls Scruby. “The next day we finished the record.”

“Ain’t Shit Change” is the third single from Scruby’s debut EP House in the Hills released by Riveting Entertainment. The EP bowed at No. 14 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Albums chart the week of Sept. 26, 2015. Along with earlier singles “Going Off” featuring Trevor Jackson and “Michael Bay,” the EP also includes guest Sevyn Streeter on the track “Submarine.”

Cal Scruby

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But First, Let Me Introduce The Chainsmokers


If anyone remembers their first cell phone… if it flipped and had a camera, you were the coolest kid around. Now cell phones have evolved into such advanced pieces of technology that we practically have hand held computers in our pockets. All the knowledge in the world at our fingertips and we spend hundreds of dollars on these complex gadgets to get the perfect… #selfie. But before we talk about what trends kids are following these days, we have to talk about the college graduates Alex Pall and Drew Taggart that have been taking these trends and making dope singles out of them. Better known as The Chainsmokers, Alex and Drew have been smoking all other DJ Duos since they’ve hit the EDM scene. Starting their careers in 2012 in New York City, they began by remixing songs put out by Indy Bands; with their first release being collaboration with artist Priyanka Chopra called “Erase”.

Their claim to fame was their hit single “#Selfie” which they released for free in 2013. In 2014 Dim Mak Records, owned by Steve Aoki picked up the track and re-released it, and in only 5 short weeks it made its way to the top of the Billboard 100. #Selfie starts with a monologue from a female in a club over upbeat house music. Gaining recognition from celebrities like Ellen and Nash Grier, the song quickly started going viral. People were hash tagging their selfies on Instagram with the hook of the song “But first lemme take a selfie”. For about a month straight every ones’ twitter timeline was covered in the lyrics to the hit single. People loved the song because we all recognized that there’s a little #selfie vanity in all of us, and especially in generation that’s social media centered, it was easy way to poke fun at our friends and ourselves.


Taking over radio stations all over the country with their signature blend of Progressive, Pop and Indie, The Chainsmokers were quick in making a name for themselves. Their focuses for mixes and songs are mainly on what’s popular in entertainment now. They see what people are talking about and they make songs to fit their era, perfect examples next to #selfie includes top Billboard hits and “Kanye” and “New York City”. On the production side of things, their original tracks have all reached Beatport top charts and their soundcloud boosts over 490 Thousand followers. Catch this Dynamic Duo this year at Prime Social’s Number Fest in Athens, OH where they will be heading with Fetty Wap.

The Chainsmokers

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