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KSHMR & Felix Snow Release “Touch”


Only a few days ago, KSHMR released the full track of “Touch”, which features a collaboration with Felix Snow and vocals from Madi. Those of you who have yet to listen to the Californian producer, you should start to. Also known as Niles Hollowell-Dhar, he started his career with his friend David “Campa” Singer-Vine, the duo was formally known as The Cataracs. The former duo focused their producing on hip-hop and indie pop, which proved successful. KSHMR was created as Niles’ solo alias and has become the EDM sensation known today. His tracks have been topping Beatport charts and setting his name beside other well known producers. In 2015, KSHMR collaborated with Tiesto to create “Secrets” which held high positions on the charts. If you have yet to tune into KSHMR’s new track “Touch”, tune in:

Click here for a sneak preview of the official music video

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Hardwell’s North American Bus Tour Continues



Hardwell has been topping charts and setting his name in stone as one of the best DJs in the world. For those of you who don’t know him, it’s about time you do… at least a little bit.

Robbert van de Corput, a.k.a. Hardwell, is a big room house DJ hailing from the Netherlands. His career started at the age of 12 when he DJed his friend’s birthday party. That was his first ever gig. With the help of his parents, Hardwell began to DJ at numerous clubs between 14 and 18 years of age. His parents were the only way he would be allowed into the clubs. This was about the time he had his first record signing, at 14 years old. Fast forward to 2008, Hardwell claimed the #1 spot six times in a row on the Dutch dance chart… yes six times in a row! In 2010, Hardwell moved up from the local club scene for a shot to play at Privilege in Ibiza for Tiesto’s Club Life event. That year also sprouted Revealed Recordings, Hardwell’s very own record label which now is home to a handful of artists such as Dyro and W&W.

For those of you who enjoy listening to BPM on Sirius XM, you may have heard of “Hardwell On Air”, which is Hardwell’s weekly aired show. What started as a Podcast in 2011, has now grown to become one of the Top 10 Podcasts on iTunes in over 40 countries, and is now broadcasted to over 65 international radio stations. His collaboration with Tiesto on “Zero 76”, which claimed #1 on Beatport, helped him to earn the #24 spot on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs.

“Spaceman” was released in 2012 (I urge you to check out the Carnage remix), which has been remixed more times than you can count with your hands and was his biggest solo-track. 2012 also brought Hardwell the honor of playing main stage at Tomorrowland, which he has been a contender of every year since then. He entered the DJ Mag Top 100 again, except this time he took the #6 spot. The 2013 DJ Mag Top 100 was a different story though, Hardwell claimed the #1 spot over the five time in a row winner, Armin van Buuren. This was the same story for 2014, claiming #1 yet again.

Today, Hardwell continues to release chart topping tracks, with the most recent release being “Blackout”. His tours are massive; consider the I Am Hardwell tour, where the entire first phase sold out, and again with the Canadian Bus Tour with Dyro and Dannic, which was a nationwide sell-out. Now Hardwell is knocking on our doors with his North American Bus Tour, accompanied by Thomas Newson and Kill The Buzz.

Be sure to get your tickets fast! Hardwell is someone you don’t want to miss out on!

February 27th @ 31st Street Studios – Pittsburgh, PA

February 28th @ The Bluestone – Columbus, OH


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Keys N Krates Aim To Please With “The Midnight Mass EP”


Starting January 15th, Keys N Krates new EP “Midnight Mass” will be fully released to the public.

The Canadian electro-trio made the Soundcloud release earlier on Tuesday over their social media pages. Fans are excited about this release, as I know I am! They started to accept pre-orders in mid December which got the hype ready. They slowly teased their fans and released a sneak peek video, not before pressing the pre-orders! We have been patient for there to be a full out album release, but as the saying goes, “good things come to those who wait…” Maybe we will be seeing a album this later this year? Or sooner? I understand the creation of a album takes time and patience, but this EP is a wonderful move on their part. Keys N Krates will continue to drop hits so not to worry!

The EP contains 6 hot tracks:

  1. Midnight Mass
  2. U Already Know
  3. I Know U
  4. Love Again (ft. Ouici)
  5. Save Me (ft. Katy B)
  6. Nothing But Space (ft. Aqui)

I urge you to take a look into this EP and get your hands on a copy!

Purchase your copy HERE

So for now we can jam out to the Soundcloud playlist Keys N Krates made live and join the groovy ride until we see a full album. So far the new vibes sound great!


Must-Haves For Your #NYE16 Playlist


Getting ready for a fun-filled New Year’s Eve can be stressful; even more so if you’re dubbed the official host of the party. Getting your finger foods and hors d’oeuvres chosen can be easy. Alcohol, another easy choice, but what about your music?

Music is the MOST important part of a party; it keeps people moving and livens up the place. The right music selection creates the right ambiance which will determine the mood of your guests. Play some Céline Dion at your NYE party if you want people to cry softly and hold each other’s hands. Play some A-Trak, DJ Snake, or Deorro, and your guests are sure to have happy spirits and be lively and energetic–none of that sappy-crap–even though we should all appreciate Céline Dion.

So, for the up and coming New Year’s Eve, I have my personal top 10 EDM tracks you should consider using at your party. A small selection of Deep House, House, Electro, and Progressive for all hours of the night. Kygo is the perfect closer, And Major Lazer will start your party with a track everyone knows, even those poor souls who are out of touch with EDM. A-Trak’s “Push” (remixed by the Chainsmokers) will get the energy going through the night, even better when the drinks are flowing. Of course my favorite, “Perdóname” by Deorro, is a sure way to move and groove! I hope you enjoy these selections as much as I do!

Have a great New Year’s Eve, fam!

Abroadfest 2016 flyer

Abroadfest 2016 Almost Ready | Barcelona, Spain

Abroadfest 2016 flyer

From March 3rd to March 5th, come experience Abroadfest 2016, presented by De Lis Group and Prime Social Group. Prepare yourself for the three day weekend festival in the beautiful location of Barcelona, Spain. This is Europe’s largest gathering of students abroad. Featuring big track DJs like The Chainsmokers, Cash Cash, Slander, NGHTMRE, and more!


For 2016, we are introducing TWO new genres to the lineup, Trap and Tropical House. NGHTMRE has been one of the hottest artists in the scene and will be here along with Slander to take the festival to another level.

Past years have always been HUGE! Tickets go fast so make sure you buy them ahead of time. We have had sellouts! To give you an idea what this festival is like, our past lineups included: Kaskade, Madeon, Borgeous, Thomas Gold, Sander Van Doorn, Showtek, Cedric Gervais and Laidback Luke.

It’s not just the music that will leave you breathless while you’re here, you have the pleasure to explore and enjoy all that Barcelona has to offer. From downtown Barcelona, the very popular Barceloneta Beach is only 10 minutes away, a must see beach for those wanting a great experience. To the North-East, there is Nova Icaria Beach where you can spend your time enjoying watersports. When you have had too much sun, the Museo Picasso and the Magic Fountain are two destinations you won’t want to miss out on. Don’t forget FC Barcelona Stadium as well. Add those attractions in between events and you are sure to be in for a weekend you won’t forget. Just remember to save some energy for the electric nights!

Ticket sales are still on sale here! Tier 1 early bird 3-day tickets are SOLD OUT. Tier 2 early bird 3-day tickets will be available till December 31st, 2015. Get them while you still can! Over 60% sold!

More details to come! Stay tuned!


Borgeous Takes Over Pittsburgh


Borgeous, a.k.a John Borger, the man who woke Pittsburgh up after this past holiday season came back this past Thursday, December 3rd. Diesel is our training camp for the Pittsburgh #BorgeousArmy, and Thursday, boots hit the ground.

DJ Petey C, a local DJ who tears up the decks, warmed the crowd up, mixing some steady house, then getting raw with some trap. My partner in crime and I walked into the building feeling the vibes running up through our legs. Naturally, we start grooving our way in, bobbing and dancing to the music Petey was spinning. The two of us made our way to the upper level of Diesel and instantly clicked with some fellow ragers and shared our love of the music with each other. I have to say, it was nice going to the event with someone who could go all out on the dance floor with you, and who shares the same level of passion for the music. That passion really helps to interact with others there. We had the pleasure of raging with some unique and great people. 

We worked our way to the front of the pit directly center of the stage where everyone was having a good time. The tempo changed… the beat dropped… and it was liftoff! Jumping to the ceiling with my arms in the air as the bass ran throughout Diesel. A little further into the night, I happened to notice some guys wearing Toronto Blue Jays jerseys, my hometown baseball team. These guys are local students here originally from the Toronto area. Small world, eh?


The lights dim, the music slows down, DJ Petey C wraps up and paves the way for Borgeous to lead his army. The crowd went crazy when Borgeous stepped up to the set. A smooth opening into the intro of “Tsunami”, the beat drops, the cryo cannons blast, the confetti rains down, and the room is shaking! People moving everywhere as Borgeous tore up the speakers. No more room for side-to-side shuffling, as everyone was up close and tight so you had nowhere to go but up. After raging for a few tracks, the two of us found ourselves in a classic mosh pit, it was a bit rough sometimes but I just focused on the music.

I break out of the pit to venture upstairs where my body could let loose and move around a bit more. It was still a happening area. The VIP booths were packed with people, stocked with drinks, and everyone loved it. It was such a different perspective to witness the crowd from above. Front row all the way to the back row was a big uniform movement. Every time the cryo cannons went off you would see everyone’s arms up in the air.

His remixes really brought the event to life. From “Lean On” by Major Lazer, “Running Wild” by Morgan Page, and even old school “Ante Up” by M.O.P. (check out his podcast #033 to hear it), Borgeous laid it all down and directed the crowd throughout the night. It was a shame to have to leave it behind and venture back to the daily grind the following day. I left Diesel nightclub that night with the “Ante Up” remix in my ears, sweet serenity…



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Kaskade Doesn’t Make You Feel Alone


Ever since I first became lost in the music at my first EDM event, I have been pursuing that feeling over and over again. From small time gigs to the big stage, it all is so richly satisfying. Kaskade is the name everyone should have on their music playlist. He has been breaking the sound barrier for years now in the EDM industry and stands up there with the big guns like Tiesto and Armin Van Buren. I remember one of my favorite songs of his, “4AM” which was released in 2007, instantly drilled his name into my head. Its release date was actually around the same time I first began listening to this type of music. I would find the latest music and buy it on iTunes and walk around my school with Kaskade flowing out my headphones. Years went on, new music was released, and his album “Dynasty” (2010) stole the show once again. Then “Fire and Ice” (2011) came out the following year. So like the big fan I was, I kept his music in my personal playlists and enjoyed them week in and week out.

It wasn’t until I grew older until I decided to make the effort to go to events. It was hard being young as so many great events were 18 and up. Luckily my first event was for 16 and up and I was 17, what are the chances? So off to Steve Aoki and Datsik I went! The lights, the people, and the sound! Tantalizing! That night forever changed the way I looked at EDM, in only the best way possible. The summer of that year I had missed the chance of being able to go to the Digital Dreams Festival in Toronto, Canada (my hometown). The lineup was huge and Kaskade was to perform on the main stage. So instead, I scoured YouTube and watched the highlights of what I had missed. Since 2012 I have been patiently waiting Kaskade to perform local (which I live in Pittsburgh). Sure enough, a few years later Kaskade shows up on the event list in Pittsburgh and my ticket is purchased IMMEDIATELY. Nothing would prevent me from making it to the event.

Two days before the big night, my partner in crime became sick, unable to make it to see Kaskade with me. Since I paid for my ticket I did not want to have to miss out on the night. I tried to work something out with another who wanted to go but could not acquire a ticket. So I was stuck with the choice of going alone or missing out on a rare opportunity to see a childhood favorite. I was constantly working up the courage to go alone; from reading others experiences alone on Reddit, to speaking with friends who ventured to events alone. It seems everyone has such a common feeling about being alone and worried that they won’t fit in. But believe me when I say this, YOU FIT IN. I am a true blue EDM scene person so that wasn’t much to worry about. In a sense it was what others would perceive seeing me all by myself. Would they point you out as a loner? Would they think you’re weird? No! It’s all the negative questions that fly through your head that lead you to feeling down about going alone, and once you realize that you feel fine.

So, I find my way driving to 31st Street Studios that Thursday evening, music blasting in my car, glow sticks at the ready, and my party face on. Getting to and through the line was a breeze. First thing you hear walking in to the giant warehouse venue is CID laying out some good mixes. I showed up a bit after the doors opening. I made my way to the bar and had a few drinks to loosen up before heading into the crowd of people dancing around the stage. I had a few people walk up to me and compliment me on my shirt, BOOM, some of the anxiety taken away within the first 20 minutes! CID was mixing, the crowd was jumping and the people were great! I had worked my way into the masses fairly close to the stage, and by masses I mean thousands of people. It was there where I had the pleasure of meeting a small group of people who were friendly enough to have myself join them in shuffling. They were kind, energetic, and eager to have a good time. These are the people you meet at EDM events, which cycles back to PLUR (peace, love, unity, and respect). It was only minutes later I had met a few other people who taught me how to glove. For those of you who are not familiar with gloving, I highly recommend you to check this video out here. When CID wrapped up, Milo & Otis shook the stage. These guys know how to get the crowd jumping. They shook the building with their vivid trap remixes like Skrillex’s “Recess”. And then of course my favorite song, “Trap Arms”, which had me and my new found friends just losing it! Their set left my arms feeling like rubber, unable to move.

All of this time went by and the biggest fear of going alone had disappeared. When I thought about it at the time of the event, I couldn’t even remember what I was feeling a few hours ago. It was like all the fear and disconcerning thoughts had left, and I was lost in the music. Kaskade only made my mind chase the music even more. He opened with a beautiful, yet simple screen show to “I Remember” which Deadmau5 and Kaskade worked together to release. It was the perfect opening. Every single person was focused on that stage. He dropped the track said “What’s up Pittsburgh” and the rest was history. Laser lights, stobe lights, fog cannons, and confetti made this old warehouse into Kaskade’s perfect Atmosphere. My favorite track he played had to have been “A Little More”. I let my lungs push out all the air they could to sing along to the lyrics and when the beat dropped, I remember jumping so high trying to reach up to the ceiling. Lasers soared over our heads, and the confetti dropped from above, making that moment perfect. A moment that will be everlasting.

If I had to regret anything, it would be that I didn’t make my sick friend go. An experience like this doesn’t happen often so sometimes you just need to grab hold and stay along for the ride. Going alone was probably the best decision I made all year. It brought new light into the EDM scene for me and made me truly experience the music first hand since you don’t have anything to worry about! I look at going to other events know by myself, if someone wants to tag along its still going to a good time. But regardless, going alone is the most fun you will have while keeping most of your clothes on. I encourage anyone who ever had doubt, or has doubt, to just do it! Shia Labeouf would say the same thing… or many Shia Labeoufs… Your choice.



Photo Credit: Jeff Forney and Mitchell Mathews