Borgeous Takes Over Pittsburgh


Borgeous, a.k.a John Borger, the man who woke Pittsburgh up after this past holiday season came back this past Thursday, December 3rd. Diesel is our training camp for the Pittsburgh #BorgeousArmy, and Thursday, boots hit the ground.

DJ Petey C, a local DJ who tears up the decks, warmed the crowd up, mixing some steady house, then getting raw with some trap. My partner in crime and I walked into the building feeling the vibes running up through our legs. Naturally, we start grooving our way in, bobbing and dancing to the music Petey was spinning. The two of us made our way to the upper level of Diesel and instantly clicked with some fellow ragers and shared our love of the music with each other. I have to say, it was nice going to the event with someone who could go all out on the dance floor with you, and who shares the same level of passion for the music. That passion really helps to interact with others there. We had the pleasure of raging with some unique and great people. 

We worked our way to the front of the pit directly center of the stage where everyone was having a good time. The tempo changed… the beat dropped… and it was liftoff! Jumping to the ceiling with my arms in the air as the bass ran throughout Diesel. A little further into the night, I happened to notice some guys wearing Toronto Blue Jays jerseys, my hometown baseball team. These guys are local students here originally from the Toronto area. Small world, eh?


The lights dim, the music slows down, DJ Petey C wraps up and paves the way for Borgeous to lead his army. The crowd went crazy when Borgeous stepped up to the set. A smooth opening into the intro of “Tsunami”, the beat drops, the cryo cannons blast, the confetti rains down, and the room is shaking! People moving everywhere as Borgeous tore up the speakers. No more room for side-to-side shuffling, as everyone was up close and tight so you had nowhere to go but up. After raging for a few tracks, the two of us found ourselves in a classic mosh pit, it was a bit rough sometimes but I just focused on the music.

I break out of the pit to venture upstairs where my body could let loose and move around a bit more. It was still a happening area. The VIP booths were packed with people, stocked with drinks, and everyone loved it. It was such a different perspective to witness the crowd from above. Front row all the way to the back row was a big uniform movement. Every time the cryo cannons went off you would see everyone’s arms up in the air.

His remixes really brought the event to life. From “Lean On” by Major Lazer, “Running Wild” by Morgan Page, and even old school “Ante Up” by M.O.P. (check out his podcast #033 to hear it), Borgeous laid it all down and directed the crowd throughout the night. It was a shame to have to leave it behind and venture back to the daily grind the following day. I left Diesel nightclub that night with the “Ante Up” remix in my ears, sweet serenity…



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