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KSHMR & Felix Snow Release “Touch”


Only a few days ago, KSHMR released the full track of “Touch”, which features a collaboration with Felix Snow and vocals from Madi. Those of you who have yet to listen to the Californian producer, you should start to. Also known as Niles Hollowell-Dhar, he started his career with his friend David “Campa” Singer-Vine, the duo was formally known as The Cataracs. The former duo focused their producing on hip-hop and indie pop, which proved successful. KSHMR was created as Niles’ solo alias and has become the EDM sensation known today. His tracks have been topping Beatport charts and setting his name beside other well known producers. In 2015, KSHMR collaborated with Tiesto to create “Secrets” which held high positions on the charts. If you have yet to tune into KSHMR’s new track “Touch”, tune in:

Click here for a sneak preview of the official music video

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Hardwell’s North American Bus Tour Continues



Hardwell has been topping charts and setting his name in stone as one of the best DJs in the world. For those of you who don’t know him, it’s about time you do… at least a little bit.

Robbert van de Corput, a.k.a. Hardwell, is a big room house DJ hailing from the Netherlands. His career started at the age of 12 when he DJed his friend’s birthday party. That was his first ever gig. With the help of his parents, Hardwell began to DJ at numerous clubs between 14 and 18 years of age. His parents were the only way he would be allowed into the clubs. This was about the time he had his first record signing, at 14 years old. Fast forward to 2008, Hardwell claimed the #1 spot six times in a row on the Dutch dance chart… yes six times in a row! In 2010, Hardwell moved up from the local club scene for a shot to play at Privilege in Ibiza for Tiesto’s Club Life event. That year also sprouted Revealed Recordings, Hardwell’s very own record label which now is home to a handful of artists such as Dyro and W&W.

For those of you who enjoy listening to BPM on Sirius XM, you may have heard of “Hardwell On Air”, which is Hardwell’s weekly aired show. What started as a Podcast in 2011, has now grown to become one of the Top 10 Podcasts on iTunes in over 40 countries, and is now broadcasted to over 65 international radio stations. His collaboration with Tiesto on “Zero 76”, which claimed #1 on Beatport, helped him to earn the #24 spot on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs.

“Spaceman” was released in 2012 (I urge you to check out the Carnage remix), which has been remixed more times than you can count with your hands and was his biggest solo-track. 2012 also brought Hardwell the honor of playing main stage at Tomorrowland, which he has been a contender of every year since then. He entered the DJ Mag Top 100 again, except this time he took the #6 spot. The 2013 DJ Mag Top 100 was a different story though, Hardwell claimed the #1 spot over the five time in a row winner, Armin van Buuren. This was the same story for 2014, claiming #1 yet again.

Today, Hardwell continues to release chart topping tracks, with the most recent release being “Blackout”. His tours are massive; consider the I Am Hardwell tour, where the entire first phase sold out, and again with the Canadian Bus Tour with Dyro and Dannic, which was a nationwide sell-out. Now Hardwell is knocking on our doors with his North American Bus Tour, accompanied by Thomas Newson and Kill The Buzz.

Be sure to get your tickets fast! Hardwell is someone you don’t want to miss out on!

February 27th @ 31st Street Studios – Pittsburgh, PA

February 28th @ The Bluestone – Columbus, OH


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SNBRN’s SoCal Vibes Bring “Sunset House” To The Mid-West

“Feel the Bern” has a whole new meaning (totally unrelated to progressive politics) with newcomer on the scene, SNBRN. The Ultra Records artist is in the midst of a North American tour, stopping at two hot spots on Prime Social turf this spring. Pack extra aloe, because this April’s gonna hurt so good.

Laguna Beach all grown up is what I consider the effortlessly electronic, SoCal sound of Kevin Chapman better known as SNBRN. He’s released several singles, all garnering attention for different reasons. “Raindrops” has nuances of nu disco folded into the melodic musings of singer Kerli on the track. SNBRN has branded this very sound as “Sunset House”, a kind of house music that is the pre-gaming soundtrack to a night out and perhaps set on the California Coast. Friends, music, sun setting in the background…it has picturesque appeal and is delightfully light and fun yet feels indulgent.

The Los Angeles native is also known for his playful remixes of “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye and “21 Questions” by 50 Cent. SNBRN’s twist on hip hop and r&b hits takes the gangsta edge off while adding mass playability (similar to drinkability, for all you Bud Light fans…but not quite as watered down). There’s a nostalgic quality to his classic house interpretations of these chart toppers that I think is refreshing and easy to listen to for hours on end. SNBRN’s most recent release, “Gangsta Walk”, is a salute to late 70s funk mixed with slow-burning builds and lyrics courtesy of Nate Dogg.

After making pit stops playing for giant crowds at Holy Ship and Ultra, SNBRN will ease his way to the Mid-West for shows on 3/5 in Madison [tickets here], 4/29 in Cincinnati [tickets here], and 4/30 in Columbus [tickets here]. With music perfect for sipping on all night at either venue, SNBRN and guest Speaker of the House are guaranteed to lay tracks that will do a significant amount of (sun) damage.


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black tiger

Black Tiger Sex Machine Is Taking Over Columbus

It seems like those helmets have been everywhere these past few months, and Black Tiger Sex Machine just dropped their debut album to continue the charge. Titled Welcome To Our Church, it’s all about aggressive sound design coupled with weighted bass and inventive arrangements, transporting your ears to their vision of a post-apocalyptic world. BTSM has also embarked on a massive 40+ stop Church Tour, complete with support from album collaborators Apashe and Dabin. Word is the Canadian trio is working on new helmets, too…

The tour is well under way, and the trio has given a healthy dollop of love to the usually forgotten Midwest. Their next show is on tonight at Park Street Saloon in Columbus, Ohio, so if you’re in the area and looking for some bass therapy, Prime Social Group would love to see you there! snag tickets here, and scope the video below to see what you’re in for.


Hardwell Remixes To Hold You Down Til February


If your love for intricate laser shows and heart-happy house music is so strong you think you may burst before Hardwell’s shows in Pittsburgh and Columbus (Feb. 27 and Feb. 28), here are some remixes by the Revealed Recordings label head to keep you contained:

Quintino – Scorpion (Hardwell Edit)
This artist has been on every electronic music lover’s radar for awhile now; having Hardwell add his touch to the fellow Dutch-born DJ is an electro house equation you need to hear.

Hardwell – Spaceman (Carnage Festival Trap Remix)
Hear “Spaceman” as you’ve never heard it before with a house-turned-trap remix by the delightfully dirty DJ Carnage. It’s got that rolling 808 bass and constant, tight drum kick that keeps the tempo totally dance-friendly just a little more chill than thrill.

Armin van Buuren – Ping Pong (Hardwell Remix)
If you’re having heart palpatations just thinking about the Dutch DJ, maybe save this song for last (and get the shock pads ready). Hardwell’s remix of this trippy, quick-hitting track makes it a progressive house hit like no other. I love his addition of atmospheric effects and heavy reverb.

Hardwell x Matthew Koma – Dare You (Cash Cash Remix)
This peppy, electro pop remix by Cash Cash takes Hartwell’s uplifting house track even higher with an anthemic, mainstream feel that can fill a room (as well as many a Spotify playlists).

Tickets are available now for both stops on Hardwell’s North American Bus Tour (click here for 31st Street Studios, click here for The Bluestone). Don’t miss your chance to see him; tickets are selling quickly! Support from Thomas Newson and Kill The Buzz.


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A-Trak Slated to Slay at Sway


As a DJ who has won several world titles, only the most epic of performances can be expected of A-Trak, as his current tour makes a stop at Sway in Columbus next month. A-Trak’s reliable track list is full of methodic, building bass lines and highly-contagious melodies but also big sound club bangers worthy of a few ear-gasms like “We All Fall Down”.

His latest releases seem to blur the lines between electronic, dance, and pop with house influences marching masterfully to each clean chord progression. This should be no surprise by the guy who commonly speaks out against pigeonholing artists into genres. What matters is that his technique is on fleek- as the cool kids would say- and even the most mild EDM enthusiasts (hello Beliebers) will find something to latch on to.

A-Trak is slated to play Jan. 2 downtown at a newer space on the scene, Sway. The part tapas lounge, part nightclub has had a steady stream of reputable DJ’s spin including Eric Prydz and Sidney Sampson. Michael Mercer, Director of Operations and Marketing at Sway, said A-Trak has brought in the largest “day one” ticket sales since opening; impressive with everything going on around New Years Eve and that weekend.

For avid A-Trak listeners, myself included, here’s to hoping he brings his signature scratching to Ohio. Watch his YouTube channel original “Short Cuts” videos to get up to speed on the mind-blowing madness that is his undeniable skill set below. A personal favorite is Episode 8: Beat Steady where he rips apart “Beats Knockin” by Jack U then sews it back together with the agility and precision of a master tailor. That’s one bad ass seamstress. “Landline” is another scratch-heavy hit that only A-Trak can be accountable for, as his transitions are virtually seamless.

A-Trak as a whole is such an amalgam we may even hear a hint of trap or full-on hip hop to his set (he has, after all, work with Yeezus himself Kayne West). You never know with the DJ and yet you do know all at the same time…make sense? Expect songs you can sip on all night like a high-quality liquor of your choosing but also what I call “treadmill tracks” which you can take straight to the dance floor.

Buy your tickets to see A-Trak @ Sway on 1/2/16 here


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A-Trak in costume at Haunted Fest 2014

How The Chainsmokers Are Dominating Dance Music

By Alyssa Lucas

A pacifying gloss blurs the entire crowds’ organ of vision. Luscious beats pulsate within each cochlea, and enchanting pigments flutter overhead. Intoxicating melodies seep from a laptop, leaving a sold out show in awe, of what a mere twelve musical notes can produce.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — 11:13 p.m., a mass waits patiently, as moments pass 583 E. Broad Street  is an area of worship once more. An entire chapel filled with positive youth, fresh faces, fans; here to worship a different creed: music. I stand in The Bluestone and take a look around. Every pupil sparkles in a glossy trance, as ‘Friend Zone’ opening acts conclude. Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall stand milliseconds away from unveiling a musical hypnosis.

Mesmerizing flickers dance above, dripping audible sensations on to the crowd. Music falls upon my lips, triggering an everlasting smile.  innovative electric style flow off stage, sending a dust of delicious sounds through The Bluestone. One Veteran’s day, spectators of The Chainsmokers concert, will never forget.  Blessed, amongst other lucky listeners, I, too, have a hard time overlooking November 11, 2015.

Since, 16, I watched Adam Grey's musical fame grow. As a teenager, some of my wildest memories, were made, listening to, yachtclub. perform. Unreal, seeing my old high school friend on stage, at The Bluestone, the first time. But, even better, a second time, hugging The Chainsmokers. From the "LC" to L.A., my people of lewis center, know who he is. Songs, "how good?" and, "Galantis - Runaway (u & i) Remix" I took with me to college. Now my people of Athens love yachtclub. Wherever I go, I plan on sharing, the similar music styles, of, yachtclub., and The Chainsmokers.

Since, 16, I watched Adam Grey’s musical fame grow. As a teenager, some of my wildest memories, were made, listening to, yachtclub. perform. Unreal, seeing my old high school friend on stage, at The Bluestone, the first time. But, even better, a second time, hugging The Chainsmokers. From the “LC” to L.A., my people of lewis center, know who he is. Songs, “how good?” and, “Galantis – Runaway (u & i) Remix” I took with me to college. Now my people of Athens love yachtclub. Wherever I go, I plan on sharing, the similar music styles, of, yachtclub., and The Chainsmokers.

One taste of The Chainsmokers’s delightful electric assortment, and sold. Start to finish; I could feel their music with every sense of my body. From lovable electric tunes, ‘Let You Go,’ ‘Waterbed,’ ‘Kanye,’ ‘Roses,’ and ‘Sway.’ To brand new music I had never heard from them before, The Chainsmokers’ remain full of surprises throughout the entire performance. A remix of The Weeknd‘s song, “The Hills,” shudder speakers. And, a personal rendition of Travis $cotts’ song,“Antidote,” sent succulent vibrations down my spine. The pair described ‘Friend Zone’ tour to Billboard as,

we wanted to create a distinct visual component with all the new music we were making, something you could get lost in, where you forget where you are.


Recap Video FootageIn my twenty short years, I have seen some of my favorite artists perform live—Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Mike Posner, Chip Tha Rip, Sam Hunt, ILOVEMAKONNEN, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Diplo, Billy Currington, G-Eazy, Schoolboy Q, Brad Paisley, A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown, Wakka Flocka Flame, Borgeous, Vic Mensa, Skrillex, Big Gigantic, Akon, Usher, Carnage, Kid Cudi.

Thus, even almost a month after my post concert high; I still do not know if I will ever witness a slicker EDM DJ duo perform live, than the duo I saw on 11-11.


Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 7.05.51 PM





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Opportunity Of A Lifetime To Perform In Barcelona At Abroadfest

To celebrate the 4th edition of ABROADFEST, Wrexter is launching the “Abroadlife” remix contest in which the winning track will be the OFFICAL ABROADLIFE 2016 REMIX and the producer will win a trip to Barcelona to perform March 3-5 2016. Flights and accommodation included.

2015 Lineup First Phase Announcement

The contest is open to all electronic music genres, producers and DJs of all types are encouraged to enter their remix.
The winning track will be announced 14 February 2016 and the winner will receive the following:
  • Your remix becomes the OFFICIAL ABROADLIFE 2016 THEME SONG!
  • Flight and accommodation for the weekend of ABROADFEST in Barcelona!
  • Opportunity to perform at one of the many ABROADFEST events!
  • Backstage access to festival!



Judging Rules:
  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Production Quality
  • There are no limitations on what your version can sound like.
  • Use only Royalty Free Samples in your remix.
  • Multiple remixes from the same remixer is allowed.
  • Combine your samples with ours to make your best remix possible.


Upload your finished remix to this SoundCloud Group


 stems here:

Name of the submitted remixes should be as follows: ABROADLIFE – Wrexter (feat. Nate Tao) Remix by YOUR NAME HERE.
Submissions Period: 10 December 2015 – 11 February 2016.
Winner Announced: 14 February 2016.
Contact Wrexter for more info on



The Chainsmokers At The Bluestone Show Review


On Nov. 11, 2015, Prime Social Group and The Bluestone hosted The Chainsmokers, as well as Matoma, Shaun Frank, and Yacht Club.

I have been to numerous shows all around the country. I have seen performers who fall under almost every genre; I’ve even partied to the #4 DJ in the world, but no concert compares to The Chainsmokers on Wednesday night.

With the concert sold out, fans made sure to be there before the doors even opened! Starting the night was a personal friend of mine, Yacht Club, who absolutely killed it on stage. He played various remixes and ended his hour in the light playing his most famous remix, “Runaway (U & I)”.

Next up was Shaun Frank who brought a little funk to the night. His smooth jams were a perfect way to relax everyone in the overly crowded pit. I was very surprised with how well he fit in with the line up!

Matoma followed Shaun Frank and got the whole crowd jumping. Being in the front row during his performance was life changing. You could really see his genuine happiness while playing his music. The vibes definitely hit everyone in the venue.

Of course The Chainsmokers ended the night. They started their set by playing “Roses” which I loudly sang along to. They had me smiling the whole time. They were so involved with the fans, it was great. Surprising everyone, they played their new song featuring Matoma. Confetti flew from the sky as the show was brought to an end.

“To be honest, I only knew one song by The Chainsmokers. I was nervous about how the night was going to go, but after experiencing that incredible performance, I dont regret going at all. They were life changing and the night was perfect, despite the poor weather outside,” says Daniel, student at Olentangy Liberty High School.

I hope everyone who went had as much fun as I did!




Crizzly Set To Bring Amazing Party to Skully’s


Who is Crizzly? Christopher Lee Marshall, the man who will bring everything he’s got this upcoming Friday, November 27, 2015 @ Skully’s with his sick beats involving dubstep, drum step, bass, and trap. After seeing Slander and TrillWave this past weekend, you’re definitely going to dance your hearts out to what he brings to the floor. The light show is just the beginning. Couple them with sexy dancers on stage and a huge projector screen in the center of the room and you’ve got yourself a party. If you don’t want to be on the floor, just head to the top where another bar is located where you can see all the action from above. Just when you think it can’t get any better, there is a lucky winner to have a private pizza party with Crizzly before the show. At only 24 years old, Crizzly has already played at EDC (Electronic Daisy Carnival), Warped Tour, and Escape from Wonderland with over three hit singles under his belt. He has been an active DJ and producer since 2010 and the cool thing about Crizzly is the amount of variety he brings to his shows along with energy and good vibes. The inspiration that gave him the courage to become who he is today were Gorillaz and Daft Punk. Variety? Id say so.  This little Texan is sure to lasso your heart when he drops the bass.

Doors open @ 9 p.m. | 18+ | Buy your tickets here


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