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A-Trak Slated to Slay at Sway


As a DJ who has won several world titles, only the most epic of performances can be expected of A-Trak, as his current tour makes a stop at Sway in Columbus next month. A-Trak’s reliable track list is full of methodic, building bass lines and highly-contagious melodies but also big sound club bangers worthy of a few ear-gasms like “We All Fall Down”.

His latest releases seem to blur the lines between electronic, dance, and pop with house influences marching masterfully to each clean chord progression. This should be no surprise by the guy who commonly speaks out against pigeonholing artists into genres. What matters is that his technique is on fleek- as the cool kids would say- and even the most mild EDM enthusiasts (hello Beliebers) will find something to latch on to.

A-Trak is slated to play Jan. 2 downtown at a newer space on the scene, Sway. The part tapas lounge, part nightclub has had a steady stream of reputable DJ’s spin including Eric Prydz and Sidney Sampson. Michael Mercer, Director of Operations and Marketing at Sway, said A-Trak has brought in the largest “day one” ticket sales since opening; impressive with everything going on around New Years Eve and that weekend.

For avid A-Trak listeners, myself included, here’s to hoping he brings his signature scratching to Ohio. Watch his YouTube channel original “Short Cuts” videos to get up to speed on the mind-blowing madness that is his undeniable skill set below. A personal favorite is Episode 8: Beat Steady where he rips apart “Beats Knockin” by Jack U then sews it back together with the agility and precision of a master tailor. That’s one bad ass seamstress. “Landline” is another scratch-heavy hit that only A-Trak can be accountable for, as his transitions are virtually seamless.

A-Trak as a whole is such an amalgam we may even hear a hint of trap or full-on hip hop to his set (he has, after all, work with Yeezus himself Kayne West). You never know with the DJ and yet you do know all at the same time…make sense? Expect songs you can sip on all night like a high-quality liquor of your choosing but also what I call “treadmill tracks” which you can take straight to the dance floor.

Buy your tickets to see A-Trak @ Sway on 1/2/16 here


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A-Trak in costume at Haunted Fest 2014

How The Chainsmokers Are Dominating Dance Music

By Alyssa Lucas

A pacifying gloss blurs the entire crowds’ organ of vision. Luscious beats pulsate within each cochlea, and enchanting pigments flutter overhead. Intoxicating melodies seep from a laptop, leaving a sold out show in awe, of what a mere twelve musical notes can produce.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — 11:13 p.m., a mass waits patiently, as moments pass 583 E. Broad Street  is an area of worship once more. An entire chapel filled with positive youth, fresh faces, fans; here to worship a different creed: music. I stand in The Bluestone and take a look around. Every pupil sparkles in a glossy trance, as ‘Friend Zone’ opening acts conclude. Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall stand milliseconds away from unveiling a musical hypnosis.

Mesmerizing flickers dance above, dripping audible sensations on to the crowd. Music falls upon my lips, triggering an everlasting smile.  innovative electric style flow off stage, sending a dust of delicious sounds through The Bluestone. One Veteran’s day, spectators of The Chainsmokers concert, will never forget.  Blessed, amongst other lucky listeners, I, too, have a hard time overlooking November 11, 2015.

Since, 16, I watched Adam Grey's musical fame grow. As a teenager, some of my wildest memories, were made, listening to, yachtclub. perform. Unreal, seeing my old high school friend on stage, at The Bluestone, the first time. But, even better, a second time, hugging The Chainsmokers. From the "LC" to L.A., my people of lewis center, know who he is. Songs, "how good?" and, "Galantis - Runaway (u & i) Remix" I took with me to college. Now my people of Athens love yachtclub. Wherever I go, I plan on sharing, the similar music styles, of, yachtclub., and The Chainsmokers.

Since, 16, I watched Adam Grey’s musical fame grow. As a teenager, some of my wildest memories, were made, listening to, yachtclub. perform. Unreal, seeing my old high school friend on stage, at The Bluestone, the first time. But, even better, a second time, hugging The Chainsmokers. From the “LC” to L.A., my people of lewis center, know who he is. Songs, “how good?” and, “Galantis – Runaway (u & i) Remix” I took with me to college. Now my people of Athens love yachtclub. Wherever I go, I plan on sharing, the similar music styles, of, yachtclub., and The Chainsmokers.

One taste of The Chainsmokers’s delightful electric assortment, and sold. Start to finish; I could feel their music with every sense of my body. From lovable electric tunes, ‘Let You Go,’ ‘Waterbed,’ ‘Kanye,’ ‘Roses,’ and ‘Sway.’ To brand new music I had never heard from them before, The Chainsmokers’ remain full of surprises throughout the entire performance. A remix of The Weeknd‘s song, “The Hills,” shudder speakers. And, a personal rendition of Travis $cotts’ song,“Antidote,” sent succulent vibrations down my spine. The pair described ‘Friend Zone’ tour to Billboard as,

we wanted to create a distinct visual component with all the new music we were making, something you could get lost in, where you forget where you are.


Recap Video FootageIn my twenty short years, I have seen some of my favorite artists perform live—Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Mike Posner, Chip Tha Rip, Sam Hunt, ILOVEMAKONNEN, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Diplo, Billy Currington, G-Eazy, Schoolboy Q, Brad Paisley, A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown, Wakka Flocka Flame, Borgeous, Vic Mensa, Skrillex, Big Gigantic, Akon, Usher, Carnage, Kid Cudi.

Thus, even almost a month after my post concert high; I still do not know if I will ever witness a slicker EDM DJ duo perform live, than the duo I saw on 11-11.


Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 7.05.51 PM





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Chachi’s Weekend Playlist (Presented By

DJ Chachi

For this weekend’s playlist, TheLifeBackstage called upon a very familiar name within New York City’s nightlife scene. Chachi, who is an extraordinary DJ and producer put together a club rocking playlist, including his own original mixes and remixes such as “Heart Is A Warrior” and “Can’t Stop Drinking About You.” The 15 track playlist alludes to his forward-thinking style of EDM that gives fans a closer look into his world. Check out Chachi’s weekend playlist and start following him on twitter for new releases and upcoming shows. Enjoy!

Stream: Lil Jon and Tyga Link For This Club-Rattling Single, “Bend Ova”!

A preview to the upcoming collaboration between Lil Jon and Tyga leaked over the weekend. The song called “”Bend Ova” is a club-shaking, hip-hop anthem. Produced by DJ Kronic and Lil Jon, it features a filthy verse by Tyga as well as a rage-themed chorus by Lil Jon. Considering the success of Lil Jon’s latest hit single, “Turn Down For What”, expect this track to soar among the DJ charts, as it continues to be rolled out. Take a listen to “Bend Ova” by Lil Jon and Tyga and stay tuned for the official version. Enjoy!

Stream: Brahj – Diluvian Future Prophets EP

Brahj - Diluvian Future Prophets EP

The homie Arya introduced me to Brahj‘s music a few months back. They are the University of Michigan producer duo, consisting of Max Tkacz and Jack Byrne, who also brought usThe Fifty Fades To Grey EP earlier this year and are back with new music. Released as an EP this sophomore project called, Diluvian Future Prophets is another enjoyable listening immersion from them where Brahj provides more of their raw and experimental vibes.

The two songs “Diluvian Future Prophets” and “Up In The Air” build on the foundations of their previous originals. They’re each tinged with an ambient, electronic style, where Brahj is successful in taking your mind on an unpredictable journey. Beginning with the EP-titled track that’s led by its obscure sounds and bass-heavy, dub-step rhythms, Brahj injected perfectly timed samples also on”Up In The Air”, which rounds out this release featuring a brighter and remarkably harmonic sound. Brahj’s Diluvian Future Prophets EP will  sound irresistible after a few spins, take a listen and purchase it out now on Meze Records.

(Via GMAD)

Beatport: Brahj – Diluvian Future Prophets EP

Stream: W&W & Blasterjaxx – Rocket (Out Now) [Revealed Recordings]

NASA may have cut the Shuttle program but dance music fans can still take a heady trip deep into space thanks to the intergalactic planetary collaboration between W&W and Blasterjaxx called “Rocket.” It blasts off today, April 21, on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings.

W&W and Blasterjaxx both make music for the biggest stages on their own, so when they come together the result is simply madness. Rocket launches out of the gates with an arresting synth line that plunges into a downright sinister drop. One you’ll be experiencing at festivals all summer long.   

“Rocket” comes on the heels of W&W’s smashing Ultra main stage performance and the release of their recent solo production, “BIGFOOT.” It’s all hits for W&W – ‘D# Fat’, their highly acclaimed collaboration with Armin van Buuren, the massive ‘Jumper’ with Hardwell, Beatport #1 smash ‘The Code’ with Ummet Ozcan (which became the most played track of Miami Music Week 2013), their chart topping remix of Armin van Buuren’s’This Is What It Feels Like’ feat. Trevor Guthrie and the official AMF (Amsterdam Music Festival) anthem ‘Thunder.’

 Blasterjaxx (aka Thom Jongkind and Idir Makhlaf) are considered to be one of the fastest rising stars in dance music.  Hot off their placement on the DJ Mag Top 100 list, only a mere three months after playing their first international DJ gig, Blasterjaxx, recently completed its debut headline tour of North America. On the production front Blasterjaxx kicked off 2014 with releases including #1 Beatport smash “Mystica,” “Titan” (with Bad Dimes), “Astronaut” (with Ibranovski), another Beatport #1 with Hardwell’sedit of “Fifteen” and most recently “Echo” on Protocol Recordings.

Beatport: W&W & Blasterjaxx – Rocket (Out Now) [Revealed Recordings]

W&W & Blasterjaxx - Rocket

Stream: Cash Cash – Lightning (feat. John Rzeznik)

Cash Cash - Lightning (feat. John Rzeznik)

Out now on Big Beat Recordings is Cash Cash‘s newest EP, Lightning. The four song EP is the latest relase from them that’s official release and is also expected to help blow up Cash Cash’s name. This EP is a follow-up EP to their first one called, Overtime. And since the time around Halloween when the Overtime EP’  releases, Cash Cash has been growing with club banging, remixes of Hardwell’s “Dare You” and the Gazzo-assisted “Free” by Rudimental. Continuing to roll out some of the classiest music in EDM Cash Cash’s album titled track “Lightning” is the paramount single on their new EP. In the time leading up to this entire release, an early preview of “Lightning” show-cased its warm and harmonic sound. Heading into Miami Music week, Cash Cash definitely nailed it as this track is one of the freshest single into their quickly burgeoning music collection. Stream the song “Lightning” by Cash Cash below and purchase the single along with their entire ‘Lightning EP’ off iTunes. Enjoy!

iTunes: Cash Cash – Lightning EP

Live City Premieres “You Lift Me Up” by Mikey Wax On Sirius BMP Radio!

Mikey Wax - You Lift Me Up (Live City Remix)
Live City are always experimenting with their music. DJs and producers they’ve released original songs that have disco, house, and electro-house elements with their remixes being mainly indie tunes. For their release Ethan & Jake, put out an official “You Lift Me Up” remix by Mikey Wax. The original song is a pop single “You Lift Me Up” that Live City updated into an anthemic progressive-house recording. Ethan & Jake’s harmonious style of production, that’s been developing through their previous indie remixes, totally catches the delightful vibe of Mikey Wax’s euphoric vocals earning their infectious tune a premiere by Sirius XM Satellite‘s BPM radio. Take a listen to Live City’s remix of “You Lift Me Up” by Mikey Wax and purchase the single out now on Universal. Enjoy!

iTunes: Mikey Wax – You Lift Me Up (Live City Remix)

Stream: Ken Loi – Amorphous EP

Amorphous EP

Starbright Records is proud to announce the Amorphous EP, the label’s fourth release and first ever EP. The Amorphous EP includes “Gunsmoke Eyes” and “Rage” – two melodic, anthemic tracks featuring the vocally-gifted Audrianna Cole. You’ll be taken for a ride with swelling chord progressions and perfectly executed builds laden with vocal performances that will fill you with emotion. Also included is the previously released Zashanell and Infitinee collaboration “Too Late,” which already has received widespread support the DJ community.

Case in point: Ken Loi’s Amorphous EP features an electric vibe that’s reminiscent of raw remixes by The Chainsmokers and Hyperbits‘s music. His style of house is swanky and very refreshing to listen due to it’s exciting builds and harmonious vocals. This project is very well done where Ken Loi could get spins from big djs in the nightclubs and at festivals. Take a listen to Ken Loi’s Amorphous EP, below and download his 4 undiscovered gems off beatport. Enjoy!

Beatport: Ken Loi – Amorphous EP

Stream: MK Remixes “If I Could Change Your Mind” By HAIM!

HAIM‘s 2013 album, Days Are Gone, was one of the catchiest releases of last year. As The Valley girls out of California continue to promote their debut LP, into the new year, they have been receiving massive support in the form of official remixes. The latest remix by of HAIM’s “If I Could Change Your Mind” was by producer Marc Kinchen(MK), who delivered a house remix to the pop-rock original. MK’s appears to be on FIRE over this past year, and his version of HAIM’s current single is FIRE. It’s a jazzy mix that features HAIM’s vocals in an up-tempo format around a swinging piano melody and exciting builds. One of the best remixes I’ve heard of HAIM’s music MK’s remix to “If I Could Change Your Mind” is set to be released on March 24th through Polydor Records. Enjoy!