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SNBRN’s SoCal Vibes Bring “Sunset House” To The Mid-West

“Feel the Bern” has a whole new meaning (totally unrelated to progressive politics) with newcomer on the scene, SNBRN. The Ultra Records artist is in the midst of a North American tour, stopping at two hot spots on Prime Social turf this spring. Pack extra aloe, because this April’s gonna hurt so good.

Laguna Beach all grown up is what I consider the effortlessly electronic, SoCal sound of Kevin Chapman better known as SNBRN. He’s released several singles, all garnering attention for different reasons. “Raindrops” has nuances of nu disco folded into the melodic musings of singer Kerli on the track. SNBRN has branded this very sound as “Sunset House”, a kind of house music that is the pre-gaming soundtrack to a night out and perhaps set on the California Coast. Friends, music, sun setting in the background…it has picturesque appeal and is delightfully light and fun yet feels indulgent.

The Los Angeles native is also known for his playful remixes of “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye and “21 Questions” by 50 Cent. SNBRN’s twist on hip hop and r&b hits takes the gangsta edge off while adding mass playability (similar to drinkability, for all you Bud Light fans…but not quite as watered down). There’s a nostalgic quality to his classic house interpretations of these chart toppers that I think is refreshing and easy to listen to for hours on end. SNBRN’s most recent release, “Gangsta Walk”, is a salute to late 70s funk mixed with slow-burning builds and lyrics courtesy of Nate Dogg.

After making pit stops playing for giant crowds at Holy Ship and Ultra, SNBRN will ease his way to the Mid-West for shows on 3/5 in Madison [tickets here], 4/29 in Cincinnati [tickets here], and 4/30 in Columbus [tickets here]. With music perfect for sipping on all night at either venue, SNBRN and guest Speaker of the House are guaranteed to lay tracks that will do a significant amount of (sun) damage.


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#CNL2016: Get To Know Brett Eldredge


When I’m not drooling over DJ’s, my guilty pleasure of soulful and sexy country musicians comes out from the closet (along with a pair of denim cut-offs and my hometown southern drawl). Picture an atmosphere as energetic and free-wheeling as #FEST but add a little twang and you’ve got Country Night Lights. If I only learned one thing in my formative years living in a small West Virginia town, it’s country kids know how to have a damn good time.

With instant attention from Rolling Stone and Billboard online, #CNL2016 looks like it will send a shiver down your saddle and a shot of moonshine straight into your bloodstream (I highly recommend George Washington’s original recipe, only for sipping). Let’s keep it Country 101 with an introduction to headliner Brett Eldredge, a three-time chart topper who is more mainstream pop than Merle Haggard.

The 29-year-old Illinois born artist was recently nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year by the Academy of Country Music while also revealing a new unnamed single that will be out early next month. With so-catchy-it-kills melodies and chart topping tracks like “Lose My Mind” and “Mean To Me”, the Country Night Lights headliner and Atlantic Records artist seems to be having his best year ever. His brand is a blend of soulful sound with lyrics laced of a classic country POV and an Abercrombie & Fitch model appeal…like a polished Marlboro man. This is 21st-Century Country, and it’s highly contagious.

Preview what you’ll see in September with some of Brett’s bests below, then head over to for an array of ticket options (GA, VIP, camping, and RV passes).

Use the hashtag #CNL2016 to tweet @cntrynghtlghts who else you want to see on this year’s lineup!

Brett Eldredge

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Country Night Lights

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Hardwell Remixes To Hold You Down Til February


If your love for intricate laser shows and heart-happy house music is so strong you think you may burst before Hardwell’s shows in Pittsburgh and Columbus (Feb. 27 and Feb. 28), here are some remixes by the Revealed Recordings label head to keep you contained:

Quintino – Scorpion (Hardwell Edit)
This artist has been on every electronic music lover’s radar for awhile now; having Hardwell add his touch to the fellow Dutch-born DJ is an electro house equation you need to hear.

Hardwell – Spaceman (Carnage Festival Trap Remix)
Hear “Spaceman” as you’ve never heard it before with a house-turned-trap remix by the delightfully dirty DJ Carnage. It’s got that rolling 808 bass and constant, tight drum kick that keeps the tempo totally dance-friendly just a little more chill than thrill.

Armin van Buuren – Ping Pong (Hardwell Remix)
If you’re having heart palpatations just thinking about the Dutch DJ, maybe save this song for last (and get the shock pads ready). Hardwell’s remix of this trippy, quick-hitting track makes it a progressive house hit like no other. I love his addition of atmospheric effects and heavy reverb.

Hardwell x Matthew Koma – Dare You (Cash Cash Remix)
This peppy, electro pop remix by Cash Cash takes Hartwell’s uplifting house track even higher with an anthemic, mainstream feel that can fill a room (as well as many a Spotify playlists).

Tickets are available now for both stops on Hardwell’s North American Bus Tour (click here for 31st Street Studios, click here for The Bluestone). Don’t miss your chance to see him; tickets are selling quickly! Support from Thomas Newson and Kill The Buzz.


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A-Trak Slated to Slay at Sway


As a DJ who has won several world titles, only the most epic of performances can be expected of A-Trak, as his current tour makes a stop at Sway in Columbus next month. A-Trak’s reliable track list is full of methodic, building bass lines and highly-contagious melodies but also big sound club bangers worthy of a few ear-gasms like “We All Fall Down”.

His latest releases seem to blur the lines between electronic, dance, and pop with house influences marching masterfully to each clean chord progression. This should be no surprise by the guy who commonly speaks out against pigeonholing artists into genres. What matters is that his technique is on fleek- as the cool kids would say- and even the most mild EDM enthusiasts (hello Beliebers) will find something to latch on to.

A-Trak is slated to play Jan. 2 downtown at a newer space on the scene, Sway. The part tapas lounge, part nightclub has had a steady stream of reputable DJ’s spin including Eric Prydz and Sidney Sampson. Michael Mercer, Director of Operations and Marketing at Sway, said A-Trak has brought in the largest “day one” ticket sales since opening; impressive with everything going on around New Years Eve and that weekend.

For avid A-Trak listeners, myself included, here’s to hoping he brings his signature scratching to Ohio. Watch his YouTube channel original “Short Cuts” videos to get up to speed on the mind-blowing madness that is his undeniable skill set below. A personal favorite is Episode 8: Beat Steady where he rips apart “Beats Knockin” by Jack U then sews it back together with the agility and precision of a master tailor. That’s one bad ass seamstress. “Landline” is another scratch-heavy hit that only A-Trak can be accountable for, as his transitions are virtually seamless.

A-Trak as a whole is such an amalgam we may even hear a hint of trap or full-on hip hop to his set (he has, after all, work with Yeezus himself Kayne West). You never know with the DJ and yet you do know all at the same time…make sense? Expect songs you can sip on all night like a high-quality liquor of your choosing but also what I call “treadmill tracks” which you can take straight to the dance floor.

Buy your tickets to see A-Trak @ Sway on 1/2/16 here


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A-Trak in costume at Haunted Fest 2014

7 Reasons Why You Need To See Seven Lions

Born in Santa Barbara, CA, Jeff Montalvo, or Seven Lions, is coming to Pittsburgh June 11 at Diesel.  Some of his more popular songs are “Don’t Leave” feat. Ellie Goulding and “Days To Come” feat. Fiona.  If you’re still unfamiliar check out the following reasons why you should buy tickets to Seven Lions’ next show below.


He’s played at tons of major festivals









Some festivals that Seven Lions has played at include Ultra (2013), Camp Bisco (2013), TomorrowWorld (2013), Electric Daisy Carnival (2014), Electric Daisy Carnival (2014), Electric Forest Festival (2014) and Imagine Music Festival (2014).

His name has a cool origin

No, seriously. It comes from the book Latro in the Mist. It’s a fantasy book by Gene Wolfe that is greatly influenced by Greek mythology.

Who has he collaborated with?


Seven Lions has produced remixes for popular EDM artists such as Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren and Skrillex.

Who has he toured with


He toured with Porter Robinson, which leaves one word I have for you: whoa.

Where does his inspiration come from

According to several interviews and articles, he pulls a lot of his inspiration from the metal and punk rock scenes. A teensy bit unusual for an EDM artist but that’s why we love him so much!

He produced “Strangers”

Only a year ago, Seven Lions teamed up with Myon and Shane 54 with Tove Lo vocals and released “Strangers” that I heard play at every single party I went to for the following months.

He’s played WoW

According to an interview on NesQ, Seven Lions used to be an avid video gamer, oftentimes indulging in games such as Oblivion and Dungeon Siege and although he mentioned he hasn’t played in three years, he also was a fan of World of Warcraft (who isn’t?).

Hooked on Seven Lions’ sound? Click here to buy tickets to his upcoming show in Pittsburgh and explore his SoundCloud!

Event Preview: Excision in Columbus, OH on March 26, 2015

excision columbus ohio edm

If you haven’t seen Excision live, you’ve been missing out. Arguably the king of bass music today, he combines his bass-heavy dubstep with a mind-blowing LED display called the Executioner. Tons of programming is put in ahead of time to deliver what is called one of the most unique shows in music today.

On March 26, The Bluestone in Columbus, OH will play host to Excision once again. Anyone who’s been to a past Excision show can vouch for how insane it truly is. You’ll be feeling 150,000 watts of PK Sound rumble through your body while having your face melted by the over-the-top visuals provided by the Executioner set. This is just a preview of what’s in store:

Opening up for Excision is Protohype and Minnesota. Protohype has made a name for himself with his signature “dub-hop” sound, infusing bass music with elements of funk. Minnesota’s preferred style combines hip-hop, Minnesota’s first love, with deep, dark dubstep. Stylistically, both of these tour openers flow smoothly into one another for a very well-rounded show that will have everyone begging for more… if you can handle it all, that is.

So what can you expect when Excision hits the stage at The Bluestone? Expect relentless, unforgiving bass drops hitting you like a truck, shaking all four walls of the venue. For those seeing Excision for the first time, know that it will be LOUD. Like, seriously loud. We highly recommend everyone bring earplugs. Being able to hear the next day is cooler than being the guy who didn’t wear them.

The Executioner set is unlike anything you will have ever seen before; the visuals work seamlessly with the music Excision himself is dropping and will have you left in awe. By the end of it all, you’re going to be exhausted and drained, but you’ll still be wanting more.

Tickets for Excision live in Columbus, Ohio on March 26 are still available – click here

Listen to Excision’s new album, “Codename X”, below.

I ♡ Barcelona | what you need to know before AbroadFest

sagrada familia

taken from the top of the Sagrada Familia

AbroadFest  is almost here, which means if you’re coming to Barcelona there’s a few things you should probably get in order before visiting!    Since you’ll only be visiting for a few days it’s pertinent that you try to see as much as you can while you’re visiting.  Here is a guide to the miraculous city full of things you should check out (besides the inside of a club) during your stay.

Clubs of AbroadFest

Shoko– Some of my favorite nights have been here- it’s the hub for Blackout Mondays (#NoF*cksGiven) and it’s right on the beach!  It has an enclosed outside space and is filled with great vibes and good drinks.   I recommend getting a pitcher of Sangria for 25 euro.

Under Club– You’ll be coming here to see Borgeous, which is perfect because the venue is perfect for shows!  I saw R3hab here and it was insanely fun!  There’s two bars (one in the middle and one along the wall) and the DJ booth is front and center of the club, visible for everyone!

Razzmatazz– I’m going to be completely honest- I actually haven’t been here yet. I’ve been saving my experience to go here for AbroadFest to get the full experience but my friends who have been there said it’s their favorite club (anytime I even mention the name they cry about how much they love it) plus this is where Madeon is playing so expect it to get insane.

carpe diem


Danzatoria– Although it’s a new club, Danzatoria is the perfect venue for shows.  The dancefloor is big, the VIP section is also big and there are two bars, so what’s not to like?  One of my good friends had his birthday party here and everyone swears by it being one of the best nights of abroad!

The Room– So many awesome nights have started here!  It’s right next to the Casino and right down the street from Shoko and CDLC (Carpe Diem).  It’s a convenient spot to pregame on nights you go to either of those places plus if you’re in the area during the day and are looking for a bite to eat they have a food menu (anything they serve with chicken on the menu is fuego).  I recommend ordering a “Kike Barcelona” shot- muy delicioso!



Want to pregame somewhere?

George Payne- an American-esque bar!  Usually people come here to watch American sports (like the Superbowl)

Pippermints– the drinks are HUGE here!  No, seriously- go and see for yourself.  Not only are they big but they’re delicious- the Sangria will give you quite the hangover though….

Chupito’s- this place offers really unusual but fun and delicious shots!  This bar is like an experience so if you want to ensure a good night I recommend pregaming (or pre-pregaming) here!

IceBar- this bar is literally made of ice but for 10 euro you get a free drink plus a coat and gloves, which isn’t too bad. It’s located right on the beach by Shoko so if you want to pregame close by and The Room is too crowded I recommend coming here!


gracia kibuka


Apparently it’s common knowledge that most people who come abroad don’t have the best eating experience in Barcelona… Hopefully these restaurants and cafes I’m going to list will save you from having a sh*tty meal.  I’ll start with quick and easy places to grab a bite:

Nostrum– If you’ve found yourself low on cash because of AbroadFest come here!  It’s fast food but it’s good food and it’s CHEAP. You can get like 10 things for 5 euro (that’s the credit card minimum).  You walk in, grab a microwaveable plate, microwave it yourself and that’s pretty much it.

Wok To Walk– this place is essentially the Chipotle of Chinese fast-food. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in class and heard someone say, “Ugh, I really want Wok To Walk.”

Now for cafe’s….

Giulietta- my mouth might actually be drooling as I write this. I used to live right above this beautiful little cafe before I moved (two blocks away so it’s still convenient) and everything I have ever ordered here as been delicious. I recommend trying the pear and ricotta ravioli with green pesto sauce- yummm.

Granja Petitbo– this place is always packed so if you can find an open seat consider yourself lucky.  Everything here is locally-sourced, fresh and delicious. They also take credit cards (no American Express though)!

Pudding- if Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) were to open up a cafe, it would be Pudding.  This cafe has a full menu, free WiFi and the cutest set-up you’ll ever lay your eyes on!


Da Greco- I was treated for dinner one night and was taken here- it was amazing! It’s a pretty nice place too so if you want to ball out one night I recommend coming here.

Kibuka- my roommates and I are in love with this restaurant! The sushi is fresh and amazing, the miso soup is to-die-for and it’s located on a cute little street in Gracia!

Rosa Negra- some girls in my sorority swear by this place’s Mexican food!  You can check out their Facebook page here.

If you’re feeling adventurous but are too lazy to leave your hotel, download UBEREATS in the app store and if you enter in the code “PIPOEATS” you can get a free meal!  It comes in under 10 minutes so there’s no need to worry about a long wait.

barcelona beach

Daytime Stuff

If you’re not too hungover and are feeling touristy or adventurous here’s some places you should check out…

Sagrada Familia- this is the Holy Grail of stuff to see Barcelona and is one of the most beautiful monuments in the city!  I recommend getting the audio guide too so you can get the full experience.

Parc Guell- yes, this is the place everyone’s cover photos on Facebook is from!  It overlooks the city and was created by Gaudi.

The Beach- grab a bottle (or two) of wine and hit the beach right around sunset.

CDLC- during the day this lounge turns into the perfect daytime spot.  Order a pitcher of Sangria, some food and make yourself at home on the big couches outside.  Feeling stressed?  Order a massage.

Do’s and Don’t’s!

Do: keep your bag zipped and close to you at all times!  Unfortunately, Barcelona has some of the best pickpocketers in the world…

Don’t: jaywalk, especially at 8-lane cross-walks!

Do: take lots of pics! And make sure to #abroadfest por favor!

Don’t: go off adventuring by yourself! If you’re going to go off on your own let people know where you’re going.

Do: ask for the WiFi everywhere you go. Most places have it!

Don’t: wear revealing clothing.  People dress pretty conservatively here…

Do: make an effort to speak the language!



Here’s some other stuff you should know before coming to Barcelona…

  • Water is not complimentary here and can cost anything from 1.50 euro to 4 euro at a restaurant so consider carrying around your own bottle of water (just don’t be flashy about it when you go out to eat).
  • The entire city appreciates silence after 10pm and they’re strict about it!  Take it from someone with a noise violation (I’m not proud of it), avoid getting the police called on you by speaking softly and turning down the music after 10pm!  Also leave your heels at the door!
  • Be aware of your surroundings!  Yes, Barcelona is infamous for pickpocketers so keep your eyes peeled for people with coats draped over their arms.  It’s easy to slip something underneath there…
  • Taxi drivers will try to rip you off by taking a longer route so make sure you appear confident when telling them the address and keep your English speaking to a minimum.
  • The people here don’t dress for weather, they dress for the season, even if it’s 60 degrees outside people will be bundled up!
  • People speak Catalan (a language similar but older than Spanish) here.  If you listen closely it will sometimes sound like they’re speaking with a lisp.  They say “Gracias” as “Grathias” and they pronounce it “Barthelona.”



Barcelona is a beautiful place with so much to see!  If you’re here for a limited amount of days try to fit as much into your schedule as possible, despite the jetlag! Be careful and street smart and you’ll be sure to have an amazing time while you’re here!  Venture out, meet people, make new friends and don’t forget to catch a sunrise on the beach (at least once)!  #AbroadFest all of your pictures and moments!

Top 5 Electric Forest Artists You Must See

electric forest artists to watch


This year’s lineup has the most diverse set of Electric Forest artists yet, covering jam bands to bass music to electro-pop. At first sight, even though you may know some of the artists, the lineup may be intimidating. However, don’t fret, as we’re breaking down our top 5 acts you can NOT miss inside the forest:



According to buzz on Twitter, Kygo is one of the most hyped artists on the lineup, and we can see why. His chill remixes have been taking over the internet and present a nice change of pace to the in-your-face attitude that a lot of electronic music can bring. We know you’re ready to go hard once you enter Sherwood Forest, but take some time to check out Kygo’s set, which is sure to be full of good, relaxing music. It’ll be the perfect refresher to your weekend.


Zeds Dead

By the time you leave Electric Forest, you’re going to be all sorts of dirty and grimy. Funny enough, that’s exactly what Zeds Dead’s sets are like. Their sound borrows elements of trap, filthy bass music, and glitch, and it all combines into one unique way that you must experience. Even if you’re not into this type of genre when casually listening, their high energy sets and rowdy crowds will still have you groovin’.


The Glitch Mob

The dark sounds of The Glitch Mob are perfect for an environment like Electric Forest. Adding their own flavor to US dubstep and some hard rock influence, the Mob will have you making all sorts of faces (bass faces among others). If you’re standing still while they’re on stage, you have absolutely no soul. This is bound to be one of the more intense performances in the Forest.


ScHoolboy Q

Hip hop in Electric Forest? Absolutely! The “Man Of The Year” and Kendrick Lamar colleague will be a change of pace from all the synth sounds during the weekend. ScHoolboy Q’s sets are as wild as they get; anyone who’s seen him live already can attest to that. Don’t let tracks like “Gangster” scare you away; his soulful, spontaneous, and funky take of the genre will be a highlight of your weekend, and may convert you to a fan of wearing bucket hats.


The String Cheese Incident

The Forest wouldn’t be complete without a slew of jam bands, and The String Cheese Incident is as fine as they come. Their music and production are on point, and you’ll want to be a part of all three shows they’re putting on during the weekend. SCI has a chemistry that is unmatched, and their performances will encompass everything that the Forest stands for; good times and great music. Even if you’re not into jam bands, we highly recommend checking out one of the most legendary acts in their respective genre. Their funk-fusion-electronic sound will have you leaving with the cheesiest smile on your face. Sorry for the terrible pun.

Event Preview: Stafford Brothers in Columbus and Cincinnati, June 2014

stafford brothers coming to sway columbus ohio june 20 and mynt cincinnati june 21

Ohio, get your party pants on! The Stafford Brothers from Australia are coming to Sway in Columbus, OH on June 20 and to Mynt in Cincinnati, OH on June 21. Known for partying hard and bringing the jams, the Stafford Brothers will be ready to bring in the official start to summer in style. After rising to fame in their home country of Australia, they moved to the US and began playing around some of the biggest clubs in the biggest cities. Their reputation of hosting wild parties grew, and so did the Stafford Brothers’ popularity in the states.

Musically, they maintain a weekly radio show, Stafford Brothers present: Something BIG, and are riding the massive success of their single “Hello” featuring Lil Wayne and Christina Milian (watch below). They’ve made history by being ranked #1 DJs for three years running in Australia (ITM Awards) and becoming the first electronic artist to be signed to Cash Money Records. More recently, their new single “Mental” with Jealous Much? is now out on Beatport:

When the Stafford Brothers come through Columbus and Cincinnati, you can expect a high energy, wild night. They’re no amateurs at what they do, and know how to get the party started.

Tickets for The Stafford Brothers at Sway in Columbus, OH on June 20 – click here

Tickets for The Stafford Brothers at Mynt in Cincinnati, OH on June 21 – click here

Excision | The Bluestone | Tonight





Excision is set to play at The Bluestone tonight in Columbus, Ohio.  Join fans as they tweet in anticipation of the show!

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 5.21.15 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 5.22.01 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 5.22.45 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 5.23.05 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 5.23.21 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 5.25.24 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 5.25.35 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 5.25.43 PM

Excision is a Canadian-based dubstep producer and DJ who founded Destroid Records label.