Please refer to the below to answer your question.


What are the ages of the event?

Please refer to the ticketing page for the event for info.


I spelled my e-mail wrong, what do I do?

Please allow for up to 5-7 business day for us to process wrong emails on tickets due to the amount of requests we may receive.


Can I get a refund?

No. All sales final for every event.


I ordered a ticket for the wrong city, can I get a refund or exchange?

If you bought a ticket through Prime Social Group’s Eventbrite page for a PSG event in a different city, unfortunately there are no refunds or exchanges. If you bought a ticket to an artist for a show in a different city put on by another company, you’ll have to reach out to them in order to seek a potential refund.


I had tickets for a show that was postponed/cancelled. What will happen with my tickets?


In the event of cancellation, all purchased tickets will be automatically refunded and will be credited that originally purchased the ticket. The refund will be processed and will show up in your bank Refund information will be available at this website. If the event is postponed and rescheduled for another date within three (3) months of scheduled date, the ticket shall be valid for the rescheduled date, and refunds will not be issued under any circumstances. This ticket is not subject to any refund (unless show is cancelled, as outlined above) and shall bear no cash value. No refunds, no exchanges except as provided herein, event date & time subject to change. All rights reserved.


I ordered 2 tickets but only 1 is showing up – help!

Please make sure your email is correctly listed for both tickets. If you received a ticket but are missing a second ticket, then it was most likely sent to the email address you included for the person(s) you bought tickets for. Please have them check their email address. Also, you will only receive one email, but that one email may contain both tickets by swiping on the screen that displays your ticket QR code. If you’re still having an issue, please contact Eventbrite Customer Service: Type question in at the top. 1 (888) 810-2063


Can I upgrade my tickets?

NOTE: If it does not allow you to upgrade, you may upgrade at the door if inventory is available.


I purchased tickets put forgot to put in a discount code. Can I have the discount code applied after the purchase?

Unfortunately we are unable to do so due to limitations on our ticketing backend.


What is permitted in the venue?

Please refer to the venue website as it is ultimately up to the venue.


How do I update my information on my tickets?


What are set times? — Note that set times may not always be released before the show.


I can no longer go to the event. Can I sell my ticket?

Yes you may sell your ticket, however we are not responsible for any issues in regards to buying/selling tickets that aren’t sold through Eventbrite. If you’re selling your tickets, you should transfer them via this link:


I haven’t seen my confirmation email yet. What do I do?


I bought a VIP table/cabana, do all members of my party need to arrive at the same time?

No they do not. As long as the person who bought the table/cabana arrives first, we can make arrangements for those who are a part of your table/cabana but arriving later.


I purchased pre-sale tickets for a show through a website different from Eventbrite, are these tickets legit?

If you bought tickets through the artist’s official pre-sale, even if they weren’t through Eventbrite, then yes they are legit. If you haven’t received instructions on how to receive/use those tickets, please contact the company that was holding the artist’s pre-sale.


I’m a DJ/Performer, can I get on one of your shows?


I had a great time at your event, how do I tell you?


How can I sponsor your event?


How can I take photos or review your event?


How can I interview your artists?


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