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A-Trak’s Killer Return to Columbus


The crowd on Saturday was a mix of die-hard A-Trak fans (one I talked to traveled from Indiana to see the Scratchmaster himself) and young professionals hot off their weekly business bender of 9 to 5 shifts. Whether there for the music, the madness, the mocktails, or all of the above, they were all there at Sway and ready to see the place burn down in proverbial flames from the heat anticipated off smoldering spins, scratches, and samples.

At midnight, as if the sea of people was transformed bibbity-bobbity-boo style courtesy of Cinderella’s fairy godmother and a trio of talking mice- #squadgoals- the vibe immediately went from typical Saturday night to totally turnt as A-Trak appeared a la Prince Charming. The intimate space of Sway felt more sophisticated and culturally ahead of the curve of its High Street competitors, as if it was the Royal Ball and those not in attendence were in for some major FOMO.

The Canadian born DJ is known for his flexible sets and intuitive mixes based on the crowd’s reactions… this night was no different and perhaps one of the highlights. His ability to switch from old school hip-hop to a hard dub step mix of Martin Solveig’s “+1” then back to a Top 40 rap banger satiated the ear-candy cravings of all involved. He transitioned from song to song organically and in the moment. An overall A-grade night out can be completely created off an effortless atmosphere alone in which each song played is “your” song…. A-Trak did just that.

He began with a scratch and bass-heavy track followed by a series of phenomenal drops of which the beat would build and held onto just long enough to keep the crowd on their toes (and anxiously awaiting to press the button to record their Snap Chat videos). “Place On Earth”, by the artist and Zoofunktion, began with its peppy piano-rich house sound but was then masterfully mixed to further funkify the synths and repetitive kick bass. It went from a big, bright anthem to a moombah tribute…but wait, it got even better. From there he spun it into Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” for one of the most raucous moments of the night.

While cell phones were held high and inhibitions on the low, the DJ then went into a series of newer rap chart toppers like Rae Sremmurd’s “Come Get Her” before putting his thing down, flipping, and reversing it with, wait for it, Will Smith’s 1990 “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme song. Mind blown and so many nostalgic feels (cut to me doing the “Carlton” pressed up against other 80s babies thoroughly enjoying the flashback).

I could argue that A-Trak is best at his hip hop and rap-influenced mixes, but what he wrapped up with makes me question not only that, but also my entire human existence. He busted out nearly every recent single of his, from “Place On Earth” to “Out The Speakers” to “We All Fall Down”. Literally the only cherry that could have topped his double-decker extra fudge sundae of a set would have been “Ray Ban Vision”, a 2010 collab he did with Cyhi the Prynce.

Sweaty and satisfied. That’s my takeaway. If it’s not quite eloquent enough, I’ll leave you with the parting words of one club goer that went from stranger to instant bestie within a moment of exchanged wide-eyed glances…. “It is lit, fam.”


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A-Trak Slated to Slay at Sway


As a DJ who has won several world titles, only the most epic of performances can be expected of A-Trak, as his current tour makes a stop at Sway in Columbus next month. A-Trak’s reliable track list is full of methodic, building bass lines and highly-contagious melodies but also big sound club bangers worthy of a few ear-gasms like “We All Fall Down”.

His latest releases seem to blur the lines between electronic, dance, and pop with house influences marching masterfully to each clean chord progression. This should be no surprise by the guy who commonly speaks out against pigeonholing artists into genres. What matters is that his technique is on fleek- as the cool kids would say- and even the most mild EDM enthusiasts (hello Beliebers) will find something to latch on to.

A-Trak is slated to play Jan. 2 downtown at a newer space on the scene, Sway. The part tapas lounge, part nightclub has had a steady stream of reputable DJ’s spin including Eric Prydz and Sidney Sampson. Michael Mercer, Director of Operations and Marketing at Sway, said A-Trak has brought in the largest “day one” ticket sales since opening; impressive with everything going on around New Years Eve and that weekend.

For avid A-Trak listeners, myself included, here’s to hoping he brings his signature scratching to Ohio. Watch his YouTube channel original “Short Cuts” videos to get up to speed on the mind-blowing madness that is his undeniable skill set below. A personal favorite is Episode 8: Beat Steady where he rips apart “Beats Knockin” by Jack U then sews it back together with the agility and precision of a master tailor. That’s one bad ass seamstress. “Landline” is another scratch-heavy hit that only A-Trak can be accountable for, as his transitions are virtually seamless.

A-Trak as a whole is such an amalgam we may even hear a hint of trap or full-on hip hop to his set (he has, after all, work with Yeezus himself Kayne West). You never know with the DJ and yet you do know all at the same time…make sense? Expect songs you can sip on all night like a high-quality liquor of your choosing but also what I call “treadmill tracks” which you can take straight to the dance floor.

Buy your tickets to see A-Trak @ Sway on 1/2/16 here


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A-Trak in costume at Haunted Fest 2014

Michael Woods Discusses “In Your Arms” and Premieres Plastik Funk’s Remix


After debuting “In Your Arms” this past spring, Michael Woods’ newest single is out now. The UK native known for his previous remixes of other big name producers, “In Your Arms” is an original, dance floor anthem featuring vocals from the lovely singer/songwriter, Lauren Dyson. Also one of the world’s premier DJs, whose name holds weight and merit at the world’s most exclusive nightclubs, Michael Woods’ progressive-house recording has been one of the most anticipated tracks this year for its distinct sounding melodies and 2 fiery drops. Take a listen to the premiere of Plastik Funk’s “In Your Arms remix,” and read BroBible’s exclusive Michael Woods interview below. Also start following Michael Woods on Facebook for upcoming show dates when you can catch him in a city near you.

HAIM‘s 2013 album, Days Are Gone, was one of the catchiest releases of last year. As The Valley girls out of California continue to promote their debut LP, into the new year, they have been receiving massive support in the form of official remixes. The latest remix by of HAIM’s “If I Could Change Your Mind” was by producer Marc Kinchen(MK), who delivered a house remix to the pop-rock original. MK’s appears to be on FIRE over this past year, and his version of HAIM’s current single is FIRE. It’s a jazzy mix that features HAIM’s vocals in an up-tempo format around a swinging piano melody and exciting builds. One of the best remixes I’ve heard of HAIM’s music MK’s remix to “If I Could Change Your Mind” is set to be released on March 24th through Polydor Records. Enjoy!

Preview Hyperbits “Sleeping With A Friend” Remix By Neon Trees!

Neon Trees - Sleeping With A Friend (Hyperbits Remix)
Hyperbits leaked his upcoming “Sleeping With A Friend” remix by Neon Trees. It is an official release via Island Def Jam that is superb. A true testament to Hyperbits evolution as a producer, the NYC-based artist has exceeded expectations upon each successive release. Adroitly implementing a big-room room element into the Neon Trees’s alternative/rock single, Hyperbits’ re-working captures their atmospheric sound while adding a unique city appeal. Releasing soon in March, this remix has feel-good vibes attached that will be perfect for summer months ahead. Stream Hyperbits “Sleeping With A Friend” Remix By Neon Trees and start following Hyperbits on Facebook for more exciting releases. Enjoy!

Stream: Grizfolk – The Struggle (RAC Remix)

Grizfolk - The Struggle (RAC Mix)
I can’t think of one song by members RAC that I haven’t liked. The Oregon natives are one of the purest remix collectives in dance music, who frequently release refined renditions of indie/alternative songs.

“The Struggle” by Grizfolk is their latest undertaking, advancing the folk title into the club music arena without the need of a huge festival drop. Rac’s rhythmic style and melodic synths are paramount, on this record, totally capturing the essence of the original version by Grizfolk. Stream Rac’s remix to “The Struggle” by Grizfolk and be on the lookout for Grizfolk’s forthcoming debut EP, From The Spark, arriving on February 25. Enjoy!

Stream and Download: Niykee Heaton – Bad Intentions (Matt DiMona Remix)

Niykee Heaton - Bad Intentions (Matt DiMona Remix)

Over the past year, songstress, Niykee Heaton has become one of the most talked about names in music. Her alternative sound, heard on her most recent single “Bad Intentions” is incredible, yet her slow tempo music isn’t what you’d expect to hear when out. Matt Dimona covered that void with his progressive-house remix that also features elements of deep-house. Gently building the song with Heaton’s lovely voice, the Los Angeles native spun “Bad Intentions” into a pleasant sounding dance record that’s perfect to zone out to and vibe with. Take a listen to Matt Dimona’s “Bad Intentions” remix by Niykee Heaton and download this remix for FREE by liking Matt Dimona on Facebook. Enjoy!

Free Download: Niykee Heaton – Bad Intentions (Matt DiMona Remix)

Stream and Download: Flo Rida – How I Feel (Dave Edwards Remix)

Flo Rida‘s music has a reputation for sounding like commercially manufactured bull-shit. Sometimes it’s true (more likely than not) but also sometimes his songs can also snap off when matched with a visionary producer.

Dave Edwards humbly dropped off his remix to Flo Rida’s “How I Feel” adding his signature electro-pop sound with Flo Rida’s up-tempo raps that just goes in. It’s especially the type of song that will be perfect for the summer days because of Dave’s glorious sounding production. Props to Dave Edwards for making Flo Rida sound cool on this song it is now available for FREE download by liking Dave Edwards on Facebook. Enjoy!

Free Download: Flo Rida – How I Feel (Dave Edwards Remix)

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Stream: Tiësto’s “Red Lights” Get Remixed By Fred Falke!

Check out French house producer Fred Falke’s silky smooth and summery remix of Tiësto’s smash single, “Red Lights.” “Red Lights” is the first single from Tiësto’s forthcoming artist album and has been remixed by the likes of Afrojack, twoloud, Fred Falke, Blame and D-Wayne. The “Red Lights Remixes” bundle will be released February 21 to all DSPs and February 23rd to Beatport.

iTunes: Tiësto – Red Lights (Fred Falke Remix)

Stream: The Chainsmokers Remix Ellie Goulding’s Single, “Goodness Gracious”!

Ellie Goulding - Goodness Gracious (The Chainsmokers Remix)
The Chainsmokers literally cannot TURN DOWN. Each week, in 2014, the NYC natives have dropped remixes to indie songs that have blown up and already they’re out with this week’s drop. This time, choosing to remix mainstream artist Ellie Goulding, The Chainsmokers progressive house rendition is a fantastic complement to the original song. An up-tempo recording, Goulding’s voice sounds fierce over The Chainsmokers new beat yet it still maintains that glamorous vibe indie and electronic audiences will love. As the new year continues Ellie Goulding’s “Goodness Gracious” proves to be the next BIG remix by The Chainsmokers who have set January 2014 a-blaze. Take a listen to The Chainsmokers’ remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Goodness Gracious” via the stream below.

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