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Hardwell’s North American Bus Tour Continues



Hardwell has been topping charts and setting his name in stone as one of the best DJs in the world. For those of you who don’t know him, it’s about time you do… at least a little bit.

Robbert van de Corput, a.k.a. Hardwell, is a big room house DJ hailing from the Netherlands. His career started at the age of 12 when he DJed his friend’s birthday party. That was his first ever gig. With the help of his parents, Hardwell began to DJ at numerous clubs between 14 and 18 years of age. His parents were the only way he would be allowed into the clubs. This was about the time he had his first record signing, at 14 years old. Fast forward to 2008, Hardwell claimed the #1 spot six times in a row on the Dutch dance chart… yes six times in a row! In 2010, Hardwell moved up from the local club scene for a shot to play at Privilege in Ibiza for Tiesto’s Club Life event. That year also sprouted Revealed Recordings, Hardwell’s very own record label which now is home to a handful of artists such as Dyro and W&W.

For those of you who enjoy listening to BPM on Sirius XM, you may have heard of “Hardwell On Air”, which is Hardwell’s weekly aired show. What started as a Podcast in 2011, has now grown to become one of the Top 10 Podcasts on iTunes in over 40 countries, and is now broadcasted to over 65 international radio stations. His collaboration with Tiesto on “Zero 76”, which claimed #1 on Beatport, helped him to earn the #24 spot on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs.

“Spaceman” was released in 2012 (I urge you to check out the Carnage remix), which has been remixed more times than you can count with your hands and was his biggest solo-track. 2012 also brought Hardwell the honor of playing main stage at Tomorrowland, which he has been a contender of every year since then. He entered the DJ Mag Top 100 again, except this time he took the #6 spot. The 2013 DJ Mag Top 100 was a different story though, Hardwell claimed the #1 spot over the five time in a row winner, Armin van Buuren. This was the same story for 2014, claiming #1 yet again.

Today, Hardwell continues to release chart topping tracks, with the most recent release being “Blackout”. His tours are massive; consider the I Am Hardwell tour, where the entire first phase sold out, and again with the Canadian Bus Tour with Dyro and Dannic, which was a nationwide sell-out. Now Hardwell is knocking on our doors with his North American Bus Tour, accompanied by Thomas Newson and Kill The Buzz.

Be sure to get your tickets fast! Hardwell is someone you don’t want to miss out on!

February 27th @ 31st Street Studios – Pittsburgh, PA

February 28th @ The Bluestone – Columbus, OH


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Valentino Khan Has Come A Long Way


Valentino Khan has made major strides since being recognized for co-producing the song “Bubble Butt” with Diplo back in 2013. Since then, Khan has found nothing but success.

In 2014 he was signed to Skrillex’s record label OWSLA and in 2015 he produced “Deep Down Low”. Today, the man behind the mustache continues to set the standard when it comes to the production and execution of his music. Aside from being an incredibly talented producer, Kahn is also recognized for being a DJ who values diversity among genres in his sets. His impressive ability to transition from something like progressive house to hard style is one of the many reasons his capacity to control a crowd is so strong.

On January 27th, Valentino Khan will return to the Bluestone in Columbus, OH. The last time he performed at the Bluestone was in 2013 with Skrillex and Bro Safari. At that time, he was just beginning to become a household name to most people. However, now that his name dominates headlines in the EDM world, you can expect nothing but the best during his performance. The Papi Gordo tour features Carnage as the headliner and Valntino Khan, Kayzo, and special guest Jauz for support. Buy your tickets here.

Valentino Khan

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Hardwell in Pittsburgh and Columbus February 2016


The two-time DJ Mag crowned #1 World DJ is eponymous with the big house genre while also daring to delve into progressive trance. Although his title was taken from him in 2015- with much scrutiny from fans and fellow DJs- Pittsburgh and Columbus are both awaiting his February arrivals like the royalty he has become.

Out of the 11 stops on Hardwell’s North American Bus Tour, he’s spending time with Prime Social Group and friends for two. He will take the stage at the 31st Street Studios in Pittsburgh- which not too long ago threw a Kaskade concert so full of love, lasers, kandi, and confetti that I’m still trying to pick my jaw up off the warehouse space’s floor. This is a must-see venue and artist. Hardwell’s special guests will be Thomas Newson and Kill The Buzz. Newson is a spry 19-yr-old DJ with recent release “Pallaroid”- which was rumored to be an unreleased Hardwell track originally. Kill The Buzz rounds out the Three House-kateers with an electro twist on songs like “Dreamin” available on his SoundCloud page.

The Dutch DJ (also referred to as my “rave bae” unbeknownst to him) then makes his way to The Bluestone in Columbus for a Feb. 28 set that one can only hope will be as spiritual of an evening as the event space itself. If so, consider me Hozier and take me to church (Lord forgive me for my synths). The Bluestone is a 19th-century Baptist church converted to a music worshippers haven. Insert praying hands emoji here if Hardwell concludes the transcendental journey with “Birds Fly”, a futuristic ballad the artist himself considers one of his most “special tracks” on the We Are United album released in January 2015.

His heavy four-count hits can also be expected, to which we can all agree will bring down the house (Jesus’s house, mind you). “Chameleon” with Hardwell and Wiwek is a big sound club anthem starting off hyphy from the get go. What unifies Hardwell and his music to fans is the message he sends both prolifically and also literally that we are all united (hint from Captain Obvious: his debut album artist shares this sentiment). Songs like “Survivor” with Dannic ft. Haris and, well, basically his entire Ultra 2015 set showed that Hardwell is a total team player putting no “I” in “team” and for that we are thankful. And to bring it full circle, check out the Miami music festival clip above to see his bomb remix of “Take Me To Church”.

Buy your tickets to see Hardwell in Columbus and/or Pittsburgh here


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I Played “Would You Rather…?” With The Chainsmokers… And It Got Weird (And Also Awesome)


Let’s get hype for The Chainsmoker’s show at The Bluestone in Columbus, Ohio tonight by taking a journey through some of the best songs and great moments that boosted them into the powerhouse producers every dance music lover has on their playlist. In the early discography of two of EDM’s most exciting and successful producers (Alex Pall and Drew Taggart) their indie dance remixes quickly swept through the nation. The two boys from New York were setting themselves up to become one of electronic music’s most infatuating duos: unparalleled senses of humor, magnetizing personalities, and huge dancefloor destroyers set the tone audiences and radio DJs alike could not get enough of. Whether it’s turning NYC hipsters on to dance music with their indie remixes, or turning a radio-only listener on to what dance music is, these two guys have successfully found a way to unite many different people under a common sound that can clearly be identified as quintessential Chainsmokers. Purveyors of EDM pop music and masters of the #selfie, it will be no surprise when the sold-out crowd tonight at The Bluestone erupts when they take the stage. Also, be sure to arrive early and check out the openers. Columbus’ own yacht club. is serious new fire.


Less than a year ago I had the chance to sit down with Alex and Drew and play a fun little game we all have  experience with.

Would You Rather…

Become blind… or never hear another song again?
Alex would be deaf but could see, Drew would be blind but could hear and we would still dominate.

Open a show for Paris Hilton… or make a mixtape with Pauly D?
Open a show for Paris and grab ass.

Be sexually attracted to vegetables… or not be sexually attractive to anyone?
We don’t get it, whats wrong with being sexually attracted to vegetables?

Take the fat girl home… or have the fat girl turn you down?
Fat Girls give great head… you do the math.

Have a threesome with two nasty chicks… or have one with a hott girl and a dude?
hahah the latter, but there will be no dude touching.

Accidentally send a naked selfie to your mom… or have your mom accidentally send a naked selfie to you?
oh god, if we told you this happened once would we lose fans?

Alex and Drew on the origins of “#SELFIE”


How did you guys come up with the hilarious female voice-over for “#selfie”
Well, funny enough–“#selfie” was a concept for a song we had been joking about for a while but never really cared to follow through. So, one day we were making this song to help promote our show at LIV in Miami and we were going to lay Disclosure’s “Fire Starts to Burn” vocal over it–and it sounded great–but the track was just too good to just write off as an edit with someone else’s vocals. So, we thought, “Why not give ‘#selfie’ a shot?” So we had a GF named Alexis who has this great thick NYC accent with all this attitude and asked if she would come over for 30 min. She had no idea what we had in mind and she isn’t a vocalist. Anyway, we explained the idea to her and within 20 min we had two verses done. To say she wasn’t a natural would be a huge understatement. In coming up with the various little pieces we just thought of the stereotypical things girls might say to each other or about one another in situations they would find themselves in. We wanted them to be funny but most of all relatable, and it seems like more or less we accomplished that.



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Excision | The Bluestone | Tonight





Excision is set to play at The Bluestone tonight in Columbus, Ohio.  Join fans as they tweet in anticipation of the show!

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Excision is a Canadian-based dubstep producer and DJ who founded Destroid Records label.