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Lost In Candyland

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Colorful. Melodic. Inspiring. Bubbly. Flamboyant with a dark edge. Vividly wild.

These are the first words that come to surface when thinking about Candyland, otherwise known as Josie Martin. Out of Santa Barbara, CA, Josie began producing music in 2011 with her close friend, Ethan Davis and together they formed Candyland; which in its origin was a bubbly electro house duo that produced uplifting, melodic bass tracks that featured a hint of dubstep and trap.

Josie began her career in music mastering turntablism, scratching and beat juggling. With no particular genre in mind to master, it was through a classmate that she was introduced to Basshunter, which led her to discover Steve Aoki and DJ AM, ultimately sparking her interest in EDM. Short after, Josie and Ethan integrated themselves into the dance music scene and won back-to-back Beatport remix competitions with their remixes of Skrillex’s “Make it Bun Dem” and Bingo Players’ “Rattle”.   Listen here:

Skrillex “Make it Bun Dem”

Bingo Players’ “Rattle”

Together, Josie and Ethan produced and released their debut album, “Bring the Rain” in late January 2013. They went on tour playing at festivals and clubs all over the US and were asked to tour as the opening set for Krewella on their “Get Wet Live” tour.

“Bring the Rain”

As Candyland experienced greater success, Ethan began to distance himself. It was here in Ethan’s absence that Josie decided to pursue Candyland alone and Ethan went on to pursue other endeavors. Josie continued on as Candyland, steering the original colorful, bubbly melodic sound down a darker path. Redesigned, Candyland features a more aggressive jungle trap beat, with searing bass that compliments the original bubbly sound to create an exhilarating roller coaster ride of beats and drops that is sure to have fans raging.

Check out Candyland’s new sound here:

1. Rage in love

2. Murda

3. Speechless (most recent original // 10.30.15)

Continuing into 2016, Candyland will be headlining the Candy Clvb tour with Fight Clvb as the supporting act. Paired together, Candyland and Fight Clvb bring an intense jungle terror beat, working the crowd with massive builds and even more exhilarating drops. If you’re looking for a moombahton sound that features exotic bass, drums and quite literally jungle noises, then Candyland and Fight Clvb will not leave you disappointed. This tour is surely to be one of the most intense but highly intriguing, and it is not one you want to miss.

Prime Social will be hosting 3 stops on the tour, you can find event details, as well as tickets on the links below.

3/10/16 Columbus, OH @ Dahlia

3/11/16 Cincinnati, OH @ Mynt Cincinnati

3/12/16 Madison, WI @ Liquid

Should you be unable to attend one of the above three stops, here are the remaining tour dates, as of late. You stay updated with any additional shows by liking and following their social media accounts, linked below.



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Connect with Fight Clvb: Facebook // Soundcloud // Twitter


The Music Behind The Mask: marshmello


The anonymous identity behind one of EDM’s newest producers has been the gossip of fans for months now. Debates intensify as new theories develop in regards to the man (or could it be a woman?) under the mask: is it Dotcom? Is it Martin Garrix? Is it a group of artists? The list of theories is progressively growing and all of them seem to make sense in their own ways.

Despite the identity argument, Marshmello has unified fans in a rare way, creating an atmosphere that focuses on the music, which by the way, is extremely unique in its own sense.  Marshmello’s songs consist of a hybrid trap production that feature a flare of future bass and house that humorously mimic his fluffy appearance. Each of his songs immediately put you in that feel-good state of being and are a perfect addition to any spring break playlist.

So, with spring break quickly approaching, and Marshmello on PSG’s Xtreme Spring Break lineup, here are 5 Marshmello songs to add to your playlist.

Buy your tickets to Xtreme Spring Break 2016 here





KeEp IT MeLLo Ft. Omar LinX

ShOw YoU

BONUS TRACK: Diplo & Friends Guest Mix

Also, if you haven’t, check out Mello’s remix to Adele’s “Hello”. The full version is available for download through this SoundCloud link or on his website as a free download.



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NGHTMRE Releases “Get Back” On Mad Decent


It seems that NGHTMRE just cannot be stopped, but then again, why would we ever want him to? Whether it be news of a tour, a new track, a new mix, or even more so, his highly anticipated EP, Tyler Marenyi, known better by his stage name, NGHTMRE, is keeping himself (and fans) busy in 2016.

Despite currently being on his LIGHTERS UP tour, NGHTMRE has hardly let that stop him from releasing new music. He most recently released his Triple J mix-up and two songs from his forthcoming EP, but NGHTMRE has once again provided fans with something new to enjoy. Today, finally, after several previews on his social media sites, NGHTMRE releases “Get Back” on Mad Decent. Check it out below.


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Slander Sets The Standard


If you’re an avid follower of new dance music, it would be hard to miss some of the recent hits Slander has released. However, for those of you who don’t already know, Slander is an LA based electronic DJ duo who are also incredibly talented producers. Their names are Derek Andersen and Scott Land and aside from being passionate about their music, their stage presence and creativity combined assists in their enthusiastic live performances.

Attendees of the Breathe Tour will be introduced to a whole new genre experience which Slander is calling “heaven trap”. In a previous interview, Slander mentioned they take pride in their ability to spark emotion from the crowd with their music. The genre could be described as a fusion of trap and more euphoric trance sounds that tend to sooth the soul. To get a feel for their style, check out their latest released single with Adam K titled “Breathe”.

While their releases that are classified as “heaven trap” are some of the most angelic produced songs in dance music, Slander is also dedicated to heavy-hitting festival trap that crowds tend to worship. In other words, if you’re looking for a Friday night pre-game song, look no further than the link below to their collaboration with NGHTMRE called “We Like To Party”. You can catch both NGHTMRE and Slander at the 14th edition of #FEST this April.

If you can’t make it to #FEST this year (which should never be the case), you still have the opportunity to see Slander during their spring Breathe Tour during these upcoming dates:

3.24.16 – Pittsburgh, PA

4.1.16 – Madison, WI

4.2.16 – Urbana, IL

4.9.16 – Mount Pleasant, MI

You can also find the rest of the tour dates in the link below.


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Borgeous + Morgan Page @ The Bluestone

Borgeous And Morgan Page Ready To Rock Ohio

Borgeous + Morgan Page @ The Bluestone

It’s our time to turn up, Columbus!

Borgeous and Morgan Page will be in town Friday, February 12th for the hottest night in dance music at The Bluestone.

This is your chance to dive into the realm of EDM elite.

You like to dance? Say no more. Borgeous and Morgan Page are notorious for getting their crowds up on their feet and pumping pure energy into the air with heavy bass and rhythmic textures. Borgeous brought the house down in Pittsburgh with his signature blend of D&B, Trap, and Trance. Check out the video below for a taste of what will happen February 12th. I don’t think you’re ready.

Get your tickets at and make sure you do not miss this once in a lifetime show at Columbus, Ohio’s premiere venue The Bluestone.

Also, Check out this new Morgan Page remix of “Souls” by Borgeous.


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The Aftermath Of A NGHTMRE On Trap Street


Last Friday night was nothing short of magical here in Cincinnati, Ohio. People from all over the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area (and even some outside of that, coming down from Chicago) headed downtown to Mynt Cincinnati for whatever performance NGHTMRE had in store.

The disastrous snowstorm that was headed to the city never made it, which allowed for a packed house. As soon as I arrived, I could feel the energy of the crowd. With this being his first show in Cincinnati, the fans eagerly anticipated his appearance, and were overly delighted when he was out mingling in the crowd before his set. Bouncing around talking to attendees, this seemed to make everyone even more intrigued to see what he had in store for us that night.

Whatever expectations I had for his set, he completely shattered. Tyler truly has a gift in being able to compile a set for a particular crowd or venue and just absolutely destroy (I say that because this was my 5th time seeing him, and I’ve seen him in several different settings and venues). Being that Mynt is more of a club scene than a concert venue and typically brings DJs and producers whose main focus is house music, I was anxious to see not only how the crowd would respond to his typical multi-genre set (that definitely favors hip-hop and trap music), but also how Tyler would mix it up and appeal to the crowd and venue in which he was playing.

Let me tell you: he annihilated it. His set ranged from mainstream top hits, dropping “Trap Queen” and “Jumpman” to his original pieces (saving “Street” for the end) and then throwing down some of his best known collaborations: “Lighters Up” with Flosstradamus and his remix of GTA’s “Red Lips” (which is a collaboration with SLANDER); NGHTMRE had the entire venue hyped. Fans were starting mosh pits in the front of the stage, standing on whatever elevated surfaces they could find to dance (and to catch a better view of the magic), and overall dancing, jumping and head banging in whatever spot they could find. In addition to a phenomenal set, the experience was enhanced with light shows that danced around the room the entire night. It was definitely something everyone was happy to be a part of that night.

Overall, my recommendation is for you to get to the next NGHTMRE show you can! Whether it be on his LIGHTERS UP tour, or when Prime Social brings him to Athens, Ohio in April for the official #FEST pre-party! Tickets and event information can be found here.


A NGHTMRE On Trap Street


It’s no secret that NGHTMRE (Tyler Marenyi) is one of EDM’s hottest new artists. NGHTMRE integrates a mix of house, trap, dubstep and hip hop to create an intoxicating multi-genre sound that intrigues all of the electronic music community. He has created a variety of projects, introducing some of the hottest tracks, remixes and collaborations in the scene today. His original track, Street (featured below), is arguably the trap soundtrack for 2015 and gained him the spotlight he has today.

Skrillex dropped NGHTMRE’s “STREET” (then unreleased) during his headlining set at ULTRA in March of 2015, which sparked immense interest among the electronic community. With momentum following Skrillex’s support, NGHTMRE quickly dominated the scene performing at almost every major North American festival and headlining shows worldwide. His efforts didn’t stop there though; despite his busy tour schedule, NGHTMRE continued to produce track after track, each original with their own melodic style. In October of 2015 he released his debut EP, Nuclear Bonds, featuring SLANDER as a collaboration on most of the tracks. Check it out here:

On top of pioneering his unique sound, NGHTMRE has collaborated with and remixed some of EDM’s hottest artists to give fans even more to rant about. His collaboration with Flosstradamus, “LIGHTERS UP” has over 1 million plays on Soundcloud since its release in late November; and it doesn’t stop there, NGHTMRE continues to kill the game with his mind-shattering remixes of EDM’s most popular names and tracks. Here are three that you should definitely add to your playlist, if you haven’t already!

  1. Griz – Stop Trippin’ (NGHTMRE Remix)


  1. Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On (NGHTMRE Remix)


  1. Elliphant feat. Skrillex – Only Getting Younger (NGHTMRE X Imanos Remix)

NGHTMRE’s resume is already impeccable and he is hardly finished. With such an astounding 2015 behind him, he is set to take on 2016 with his LIGHTERS UP Tour and the release of his new EP. While a date has not yet been determined for when the EP will release, NGHTMRE took to social media to let fans know it is coming. The posts, which can be viewed on his Facebook and Twitter, featured a photo of the track list with “NEW EP” typed across the photo.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 1.13.00 PM

Whether the EP is finished or not, we don’t know, but what we do know is that the support and hype he has already received following the announcement is only further evidence that NGHTMRE’s future is bright.

NGHTMRE will be in Cincinnati at Mynt Cincinnati on Friday, January 22, 2016. Tickets are available here.

If Cincinnati isn’t your stop, be sure to check out the rest of his LIGHTERS UP tour dates on his Facebook page, available here.


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It’s Been A Good Year To Be Carnage


To say Carnage had a great 2015 would be an understatement. We saw the release of his debut LP, titled “Papi Gordo,” along with the release of his brand/clothing line, ASOC (A State of Carnage.) Carnage also toured relentlessly in 2015, playing all over the globe from South America to Australia. Even before the release of his LP, Carnage saw huge success with the release of the incredibly popular “I Like Tuh” featuring ILoveMakonnen and his remix of Eptic’s “The End.” His “The End” remix saw incredible support from bass DJs all over the world, most notably Skrillex, who made the song a staple of his sets in 2015.

It is clear that Carnage has made a ton of friends as he toured the world, and he has gained a reputation for being one of the most fun guys in the game to work and play shows with. His 2016 Papi Gordo Tour is proof of that. The tour is a three-month long journey across the United States, and features appearances from Valentino Khan, Kayzo, Crizzly, Jauz, and Zomboy, as well as other surprise guests. It’s no surprise that Valentino Khan and Kayzo opted to go on tour with Carnage, as he has shown an incredible amount of support for both of them. Carnage’s sound has developed a great deal as he has toured the world and been exposed to different influences. Once a purely trap DJ and producer, his music and live sets are now characterized by not only trap, but dubstep and hardstyle sounds. Carnage has proven himself to be a premier bass music DJ, and the Papi Gordo tour is his way of showing that off.

Prime Social Group is bringing the Papi Gordo tour to the midwest, and you won’t want to miss it. Carnage is stopping by the Canopy Club in Urbana, IL on the 26th of January, and he’s bringing bass house juggernaut Jauz and Valentino Khan with him. On January 27th Carnage is playing at The Bluestone in Columbus, OH. This stop features not only Jauz and Valentino Khan, but also the harder styles of Kayzo. These shows will not disappoint, so make sure to grab your tickets at


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Keys N Krates Aim To Please With “The Midnight Mass EP”


Starting January 15th, Keys N Krates new EP “Midnight Mass” will be fully released to the public.

The Canadian electro-trio made the Soundcloud release earlier on Tuesday over their social media pages. Fans are excited about this release, as I know I am! They started to accept pre-orders in mid December which got the hype ready. They slowly teased their fans and released a sneak peek video, not before pressing the pre-orders! We have been patient for there to be a full out album release, but as the saying goes, “good things come to those who wait…” Maybe we will be seeing a album this later this year? Or sooner? I understand the creation of a album takes time and patience, but this EP is a wonderful move on their part. Keys N Krates will continue to drop hits so not to worry!

The EP contains 6 hot tracks:

  1. Midnight Mass
  2. U Already Know
  3. I Know U
  4. Love Again (ft. Ouici)
  5. Save Me (ft. Katy B)
  6. Nothing But Space (ft. Aqui)

I urge you to take a look into this EP and get your hands on a copy!

Purchase your copy HERE

So for now we can jam out to the Soundcloud playlist Keys N Krates made live and join the groovy ride until we see a full album. So far the new vibes sound great!


A Little More About NGHTMRE


On Thursday Jan. 21st, NGHTMRE makes his second Columbus appearance at Sway. Ticket sales range from $15-$500 and according to Eventbrite, tickets are selling hot!

Following the incredible performance at Haunted Fest in October, many are ecstatic for his show in January. The letters spelling NGHTMRE followed by the multicolored light show made everyone’s heart lift a little higher–no doubt his upcoming performance will give the same effect. The drop aligning perfectly with the spirits of the audience was also an unforgettable experience and is something to look forward to.

Read our awesome interview with NGHTMRE that took place at Haunted Fest 2015 here.

Still considered an up-and-coming artist, NGHTMRE has so far made an amazing reputation for himself. He is well-known for his mash ups and original tracks. His remix of “Live This Nightmare” is an all time personal favorite of mine and something I hope to experience live. Remixes such as “It’s Alright”, “Limelight”, and “Dum Dee Dum” have also won the hearts of many.

Although Sway is a drastic size reduction from the Ohio Expo Center, there are no doubts for the upcoming performance. Some say the smaller the venue, the greater the vibes! “It sucks that the venue is smaller, but I’m not too worried about it. I, as well as many of my friends, will have a good time, despite the change of space”, says student Kendall Coffey.

With doors opening at 10 p.m. on a Thursday, be sure to arrive with plenty of time to dodge the late night campus traffic! Fortunately the venue is indoors, so weather shouldn’t take a toll on the show. Sway and all of Columbus welcome you, NGHTMRE!

Buy your tickets to see NGHTMRE in Ohio or Michigan here



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